Experience with the Teasi pro GPS device

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    Experience with the Teasi pro GPS device

    Ever thought about a (new) GPS device? The Teasi pro navigation device from the company Teasi was thoroughly tested, evaluated and approved by us.

    First impression

    The TEASI pro from Teasi comes in a chic colorful packaging therefore, on which all specifications and application examples are listed. Included in the pack are the Teasi pro, a device clip, a wheel mounting kit for the bike, the charger and USB cable, and a quick start guide. First the exciting: The Teasi pro is super in the hand, is the size of just right as I think (8.9 cm / 3.5 "display) and not difficult. It has the on / off button on the side, plus another switch and the large menu button in smartphone style. Most of it is probably controlled via the touchscreen. It also has a screw mount and a mini-USB port and a micro-SD card slot for additional storage space. Since it is charged from the factory, I turn it on directly and click through the really clear, intuitive and playful designed main menu. In five minutes I've (as far as I believe) first clicked through all the interesting corners. Now he has found (even in the apartment) also 5 satellites and places me correctly on the pre-installed OSM card.

    First use

    The best way to judge the new device is to simply use it in bike navigation. Said and done. For a late autumn bike ride in Thurgau, the handlebar mount is attached to the bike, which is quick and easy. The Teasi is fixed with a screw in the plastic holder and can by a fairly tight spring lock into the holder. When I'm out of town, I want to record the track. There is quite simply (as with a camera) the rec button. When holding or pausing, then press the pause button, and at home, simply press the stop button. That's easy. The information in between is abounding, with the side button you press through overview data such as height and distance, the magnetic 3D compass, speedometer, air pressure (built-in barometer, with weather forecast) and optional training data. The speed is always displayed on the map. The operation works great even with thin gloves. If I want to get to a specific destination, the Teasi Navi guides me. I quickly enter the address, a saved location or a POI (even self-created POIs are possible) and start the Teasi navigation. Programming is intuitive and well thought out. The system proposes different variants of the route, based on the currently active profile (in default mode, one is in MTB status, suggesting quite reasonable routes). The screen reflects a bit, but this should only be a problem in intense sunlight, if you pay more attention to the road anyway than to the sat nav. According to the specification, the Teasi Pro is splash-proof, which I could not test. To endure a direct fall (eg on the display), I tend not to the device. The robustness over the years will turn out yet.

    More details

    The connection to the computer is made possible by the program Teasi-Tool (available for free from the website), from which other cards can be installed on the device. A big minus I find here, that the Teasi tool apparently Not more on Mac 10.6 is running (which is really not too old now), the Windows version I have not tested.

    A word about the maps: The preloaded OSM maps are perfect for the cyclist, the regional and national bike paths (at least in Switzerland) are drawn in purple and thus clearly visible. There are people who really want to have a different vector map on their GPS device, which is not possible here, except for the free map updates in the Teasi tool, from and, In my opinion, it is not necessary, as long as you only cycle. At the hike and mountain tours are different! Here are detailed raster maps of advantage, which one loads on the Teasi. The device accepts so-called mbTiles, on the homepage of Teasi there is a guide to self Build of these files.

    Very nice are the already pre-stored trips, such as the Lake Constance bike path, the European route D3, the Rhine bike path and a few more. In memory, the navigation system can create statistics about the recorded data, sorted by profile or time period. Here is also the optional Micro-SD card read.

    In training mode you can set goals, such as distance or average speed. Different modes can be selected with it, for example try a route already driven this time on time ...

    I really like the easy way to "stake out" a route in advance on the map, which then navigates. Very useful if you want to try something new or you do not know the destination address.

    Via Bluetooth 4.0, heart rate and speed sensors (on the wheel) can be connected to the Teasi, which allows you to extend the parameters in training mode. With in my set was the former, from the extensive SMAR.T series from Teasi.


    In the Teasi Pro everything comes together, what I would like to bicycle navigation or as a leisure navigation. Simple and fast operation, clear menus and extensive training options. If I want to use the GPS device for hiking navigation, I first load a raster map of the corresponding area on it. What I really appreciate is the low weight and the simple design. All in all, for the price of this bike / hiking GPS is recommended, both for the racer, the recreational cyclist or just on vacation as a hiking avi.

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