17 cheap gifts for hikers

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    17 cheap gifts for hikers

    Hikers are funny people, so they love (probably, hopefully) my ideas for funny, unusual, but very useful gifts for hiking.

    These gift ideas for hikers do not even have to be expensive, they are available for less than 10 € - but they will certainly bring a smile to the gifted hikers!

    1 - Ziplock bags

    Probably everyone uses them to sort various things on the way or to protect them waterproof: mobile phone, nuts, hygiene kit, garbage, passport and papers, odds and ends, toilet paper ... To get rid of the replenishment in the supermarket to get rid of the unnecessary outer packaging, you simply pack new. If necessary, you can even transport water with it. On the way I use a small bag as a wallet. ZipLock bags are very often reusable.

    The bags of Noaks are much more robust and you can even use the smartphone.

    2 - Socks

    Socks! are! important! Even the expensive, highly specialized hiking socks rip, so a pair of socks for 10 € are really an extremely good gift. Double or triple packs are of course double and triple good!

    3 - Bandana

    We already had, in red, blue, black, some with plaids or flowers, some with skulls. Something had to mean, apparently even from which trouser pocket which color has looked ... On the way, but really true all-rounders: as a towel, towel, cloth to wipe the condensation from the tent or wipe the pot ready to use, neck protection, as "Pee Rag "for the girls (goog this time) ...

    4 - Ramen noodles

    A package costs around € 0.60 in the Chinashop. For a little money a lot ... well I do not know now if I should call it food. Anyway, it's hot, spicy, salty and makes your stomach full. With a little insert of your choice, it even has some calories. On the way you become a real artist in terms of deposits: salami, mashed potatoes, nuts, peanut butter - everything is possible!

    5 - Dental floss

    The secret weapon, in addition to super glue and tape, in every backpack. Not only for dental hygiene, but also as super-strong thread for all sorts of repairs, as laces replacement or as a clothesline.

    6 - Superglue

    A small tub with crass glue. Just glues everything, even small wounds.

    7 - Duct Tape

    Those silver fabric adhesive tape. Traditionally used, supplemented with a little super glue, to repair shoes, to permanently glue blisters, to preserve the down jacket from further loss to tinker a pot glove. Usually found in a few short pieces wrapped around the hiking poles.

    8 - Soda

    As a toothpaste, against strange smells on bodies, body parts and shoes, as a dry shampoo, as a cleanser or against an acid stomach. Should even help with insect bites and things like that. Of course, the powder is portioned in a small ZipLoc bag. Here's one Overview of the wonder drug.

    9 - Hand disinfection

    A small vial can save a hike. Daily hand washing is usually not in it, so you should at least disinfect the accumulated dirt for a short while before grabbing breakfast in the ZipLock bag of colleagues.

    10 - Mini Dropper Bottles

    It always needs, for example, to fill the following tip. Common household amounts of various liquids are too much of a good thing, so these little bottles are great! No one needs half a liter of soap or contact lens water, so filling in the appropriate amount for the tour makes sense. Good and dense dropper bottles are there To order from TLS.

    11 - Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

    The Classic among hiking soaps, Highly concentrated and ecologically valuable. Some even brush their teeth with it and therefore always buy the Peppermint version. Bottled in mini dropper bottles, there is no excuse for a long weekend.

    12 - Garbage bag

    But please this right heavy duty garbage bags from the hardware store. They last forever and above all they keep the backpack inside dry. Backpack rain covers are quite a bummer when it comes to keeping the inside of the backpack dry. They just do not do it because the back of the backpack is obviously open. Better to wrap all the contents directly into a big garbage bag.

    13 - Bodyglide

    Glitscht good and maintains stressed skin - therefore good against blisters and wounds running (Monkeybutt call the Americans, incidentally, because it is so funny). Of course you do not take the whole tube with you on the weekend tour, but fill it in smaller containers .

    14 - Luxury spoon

    Of titanium, of course. You never really need a knife or a fork anyway, so you only need one ultralight titanium spoon.

    15 - Disposable plastic gloves

    The things that are included in the packs of hair colors. These are perfect liner gloves, which are worn under normal gloves as VBL (Vapor Barrier Lining). The moisture is reliably kept outside and the fingers do not get cold.

    16 - Cat Food

    Christmas time is craft time: From the stable, small cat food cans can a great alcohol stove named "The Supercat Alcohol Stove" be tinkered.With two rows of punched holes and a doubly taken aluminum foil as a windbreak, this results in a full-grown 1-man / woman-stove.

    17 - Car window cover insulating film

    If we are already doing crafts: in winter you can often find these silver foils on the windscreens of the cars. They are great for making PotCozys, And for making insulated pouches for these bags with expedition food. That saves a lot of fuel.

    18 - Baby powder

    Baby powder is an all-purpose weapon for the skin and hair. Under the armpits, on the feet and "below" some powder dries and cares for the skin. Distributed in your hair, you can do without a shower and shampoo for a few more days, and a powdered sleeping bag does not stew less (and does not even stick so strangely). 

    I hope you had fun and inspiration for the Christmas shopping. As you can see, even the little things make the (hiker) life really valuable.

    This article is part of our big Outdoor Blogger Advent Calendar.

    Yesterday the door opened "Winter is? What you make of it" Tomorrow, then, opens one from with an a thoughtful topic .



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