Light and warm: Montane Allez Micro Hoodie


Light and yet warm: the Allez Micro Hoodie Fleece pullover by Montane. By using Polartec® Power Grid the stretchy fleece pullover is also very breathable. After a few months of testing it has become a favorite part!

Materials and equipment

The Hoodie is consistently minimalist: Powergrid provides by the honeycomb structure for lower weight as a normal fleece, it also has a higher one Breathability as normal, dense fleece. The heat does not accumulate so much, due to the larger surface it also absorbs faster humidity and gives it back quickly to the environment. The hood ensures warm ears. The collar is pulled up quite far, just when the hood is pulled over, collar and hood enclose the head well. Next, there is only one long zipper for easier dressing, but also to cool down in case it gets stuffy. thumb loops complete the equipment, so the sweater can be fixed at cool temperatures on sensitive wrist. Nice side effect is: the sleeves stay in place and can not slip up. The sleeves are also long enough so that nothing cuts or pulls and pinches.

Fit and use

The athletic fit The Montane Allez hoodie is cut very close to the body. Normally I like M sizes well, at Montane I would like to be between M and L. Since the material is very stretchy, but that does not bother. Despite being tight, I do not have the feeling of being restricted anywhere. The cut also makes it easy to use as a baselayer when it's really cold, or as a midlayer when light isolation is needed.


Minimal pack size and weight, good air exchange and clean workmanship have made the Montane Allez Micro Hoodie my favorite part for cool temperatures. I wear the jumper while running, while hiking, but also while climbing it was already there.

If it gets cooler or windier, comes another layer: a windbreak in the form of a windbreaker or a Softshell provide comforting warmth without the breathability suffers.

Even as an underdress instead of a thermo shirt the sweater works wonderfully. Worn underneath, it barely wears on and is very dry again - and still slightly warmer than normal Thermo underwear.

heat output
Sven is a sociologist and part-time adventurer and above all: a passionate pedestrian.
leicht-und-warm-montane-allez-micro-hoodie Leicht und dennoch warm: der Allez Micro Hoodie Fleecepullover von Montane. Durch die Verwendung von Polartec® Power Grid ist der stretchige Fleecepulli zudem sehr atmungsaktiv. Nach einigen Monaten des Testens hat er sich zu einem Lieblingsteil gemausert! Materialien und Ausstattung Der Hoodie ist konsequent minimalistisch aufgebaut: Powergrid sorgt durch...


  1. [...] Mid-Layer Insulation: My Midlayer should be well-fitted, so that there is not too much air between the underwear and the midlayer, which has to be laboriously heated and then escapes with every movement. Fleece materials have been standard for years. Fleece insulates well, even when wet. There are fleece in different thicknesses, usually given by weight per square meter. The thickest fleece, usually 300g, is far too much and too heavy for winter sports use. Thinner 100g or 200g fleece will be enough, depending on your own feelings. A grid material like the Montane Allez Micro * provides warmth, but is still very breathable. In conjunction with a windbreak this is my favorite construction. [...]


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