Two-day kiteboarding on the Piz Palü

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    Two-day kiteboarding on the Piz Palü

    Extended tour from Pontresina with bivouac on the Diavolezza.

    Let's start at the train station in Pontresina, at 31.3.14, at midnight. Next the train does not drive anymore. We are two, saddle the whole junk and refuel at the fountain next to the Toilettenhäusschen. The whole Engadine is deep in the snow until the valley, everything is calm and the stars are in the sky. The first bridge leads to the parking lot, where the signpost forest points in all possible directions. We follow the cleared road towards Morteratsch, a little uphill through the loose forest, which contributes much to the flair here in the Upper Engadine. Shortly after the next train station, we lie down with a sleeping bag and mattress next to a bench and fall asleep quite quickly.

    While my sleeping bag keeps warm, the buddy freezes pretty much his feet. After getting up at half past six, there is a very nice hat and once warm porridge. In brilliant sunshine we set off, and very soon we can only run in a T-shirt. We follow the railway to the left to Morteratsch, always through these light fir forests on a thick blanket of snow. Halfway up, the summit of Piz Palü is already directly ahead of the nearest summit. From Morteratsch over the field level to the next plateau, you can already see the Diavolezza, It still takes an hour to get there. Here's a little bread and chill break, and you can also use the toilets. This is really a fun ski area, and practically consists of only two lifts: the long Diavolezza cable car, and the short chairlift at the top of the mountain station. But the long and varied descents, both to the valley station as well as the Pers glacier to the Morteratschbahn station.

    Run up the slope is not exciting, but the luggage pulls on the back and the sun pops, without creaming there's nothing! For the 900 Hm to the mountain station we need 2.5 hours, parallel to us is still a 75! -Jähriger up. At the top, the view of the spectacular "ballroom" of the Alps opens up, from left to right the mountain giants stand in your way: Piz Cambrena, Palu, Bellavista, Bernina and Morteratsch, Until just before, the mountain of Diavolezza looked pretty high, to the north you have practically to the horizon viewpoint, but the view over here teaches you a better one. Up to these peaks it is still 1000 meters uphill!

    From Pontresina to here we took about 7 hours, including breaks and heavy luggage.

    On the terrace of the Berghaus we put things to dry in the sun and discuss with other climbers still the departure tomorrow morning. On request, we are told that on "community" spending the night outside is probably not allowed, so we pack the things and five minutes walk over to the mast with the webcams on it. Here you are even higher, has views of both sides and can undisturbed unpack the cooker. For dinner, there is a good pot pot brand "Beton" and a view of the goal of tomorrow. Around 7 pm the sun disappears behind the Piz Morteratsch and we in the sleeping bags.

    Around 6 o'clock the alarm goes off and we see that we pack everything and get away. Fortunately, we slept with the inner shoes, which saves a cold shock in the morning :). At half past six, then, the others from the hut slip past us and a few come running up the slope. From the piste there is now a frozen slide in places quite steeply down to the glacier. The trail crosses the rocks as close as possible, in order not to lose as much altitude as possible. Once at the bottom, we stow away all the equipment we do not need in the snow, start hauling and follow the wonderfully drawn lane. Unlike the others, we rope ourselves, why else do we have the rope with us? And so you shared the weight. The glacier is very snowed in, in a glacier break you have to pay a little attention without crampons. At the same height as the Piz Cambrena (3600m) the sun reaches us, we cream ourselves and take the last meters on the saddle (P. 3726). Here there is opportunity for a longer break, the skis are undressed and again the excess luggage stored.

    With crampons and pimples, it is now on the very well-trodden track of the last days pleasant to the ridge East Summit high, the deep and far-sightedness keeps you pausing again and again. Some of the others are on the short rope, but because of the rafting trip we walk without. Because of the height slowly and concentrated can be enjoyed very much. From the pre-summit, it then goes downhill for about 30 Hm, before the ridge splits and you think of the mountain guides, who take the track here. To the right, it is now 900 meters steeply downhill, over the hanging glacier between the middle and east pillars. On the Main summit (3901m) arrived (about 25 minutes from the ski depot), we are infinitely happy and look in the best weather on the lying under cloud Italy and the cloudless Switzerland. Except for the summit next door offers a panoramic view to the säntis(!), the rätikon and the Ortlergruppe, On the left side of the Piz Roseg you can see Weissmies, Weisshorn, the Mischabel group and the Alphubel, the madness in the distance!

    After we went on the big summit plateau on the other side, have let shoot a photo of fellow climbers, it goes back concentrated the ridge back to the summit. Here we enjoy again the absolutely windless and sunny weather, before it goes steeply down to the saddle again. Now we look forward to the descent, the equipment is stowed away quickly and over the edge it goes down to the glacier. We follow more or less the ascent trail, on the right side (east) is still a little powder. Otherwise, the snow is expected to be different, shaped up by the wind, and always sulzer down. Generally easy to drive, only you notice the rise in the legs. After 30 minutes we are back at the starting point where our things store. In contrast to the summit, it is very warm down here, we continue the ride in undershirt (but with long sleeves!).

    From here you are after a short push on the glacier slopeswhich descends from the Diavolezza and leads to Morteratsch. From here it is enjoy, we carven the flat Pers Glacier down. At the steeper places we bolt the Hubbelacker down, with the weight on the back again really exhausting for the legs. What a descent, the hammer! All the time the mighty mountain scenery around you, with the Piz Palü in the back. Behind the glacier tongue of the Morteratsch glacier begins the trailon which one slides every now and then to the station Morteratsch. It took us 2,5 hours from the summit to here, it's now 2:30 pm.

    After a short break and use of toilets, we start on the 6 km long trail to Pontresina, we still have plenty of time. Halfway we pause on a bench, looking at Piz Palü, and cook the rest of the soup, which is well seasoned and almost takes off our shoes. From here to Pontresina it goes through sparse fir groves, to the trail in serpentines and under the road bridge through the Cross Country Center reached directly next to the train station. The rest of the shoes then pulls us off the arrival beer :).

    Beautiful two-day kit, with lots of luggage (full ski touring and glacier equipment, cooker + food, bivouacs). Ascent towards Piz Palü depending on the snow, in our case snowy all the crevasses, we did not need any crampons. The summit ridge is exposed (with the track on), but not demanding. I do not want to leave any traces there. Note the height and a lot of drinking is very important. To ski downhill you have to be able to ski well (to enjoy it), the Hubbel on the glacier slope are certainly not for everyone after such a tour. With skins you can use the skating trail very relaxed. Instead of bivouac can also be slept on the Diavolezza hut (half board so CHF 75 or so).



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