Two days in the Karwendel

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    Two days in the Karwendel

    DAY 1

    Starting point is innsbruck or Scharnitz, From Innsbruck we take the Nordkettenbahn up to the hafelekar (2269m), as this climb would cost us otherwise 5h and we prefer to take two peaks above. Starting from Scharnitz, you can not make the first summit, the Mandlspitze. Arrived at the mountain station Hafelekar, you follow the Gotheweg (Path no. 219), south past the Hafelekarspitze, and has a permanent deep view of Innsbruck and the meandering Inn. Often you meet sheep and goats, who like to stand stubbornly on their way. You walk a few meters on serpentines upwards and diagonally to the north down to Mühlkar.

    Here we also climb the Mandl tip with 2366m and then return back to the Goetheweg to Mandlscharte (Mannlkar). Now head westwards until you reach the Arzlerscharte (2158m). At the junction, you can walk down the path on the left (No.219) through the Pfeiss, past a memorial, to the Pfeishütte (1922m). But we still want to climb the Kleine Stempeljochspitze with 2529m and hike northwards to the Rumer Spitze Stempeljoch (2215m). Here we have to cross several old snowfields at the end of July. It is advisable to wear sturdy shoes and to use hiking poles for safety. Because the old snow fields are frozen so hard that the footsteps are not really deep and offer little support.

    From Stempeljoch it goes on a rather poorly marked mountain path in the north on the broad back upwards. The last part goes through rock and was not easy to walk on our tour because of old snowfields. We had to find our own way up the rock, as the actual path through the snow was blocked. Here you had to climb more often in easy climbing up until you reach the summit cross at the end. Of the Small stamp yoke top (2529m) has a beautiful view down to the Karwendel and the Hall Valley. We get off again and walk on the Path no always right on the southwest flank from the Stempeljochspitze to the Pfeishütte.

    The cottage is run by young people and all the details are really very lovingly done, they cook very well and you can play nice games outside in the living room like in the evening. In the evening there is still the last round of fresh Kaiserschmarrn with homemade Zwetschgenröster. And without lying, that was really the very best Kaiserschmarrn, which we have ever eaten in Austria! Then we fall all tired in the blue checkered beds.

    DAY 2

    Today our next destination is the Bettelwurfhütte in Halltal, from which we want to descend into the valley to Absam. After a fortifying breakfast we climb up to the Stempeljoch (2215m) and from there then extremely steep Wild gang climb  down. Unfortunately, the path has been completely destroyed here in winter, all wire ropes are torn out and slipped the boards for Wegbefestigung. A huge old snowfield blocks the way and the hikers have to find their own way down next to it. Here we have to descend very slowly, partly in squats. Hiking sticks are very advisable here! This is a black mountain trail that you really should not underestimate. Once at the bottom of the steep gravel, we follow the path over it Lafatscherjoch to Bettelwurfhütte.

    The path meanders along the slope, is always secured with wire ropes and has some small climbing areas and large old snowfields. After ca.7km you reach the Bettelwurfhütte (2077m) and can strengthen again here for the strenuous descent. Because it goes down again over a rocky path, through wire rope secured passages on the rock and over a bridge down. The path continues to require full concentration and strength. Below the rocks, it goes over a huge gravel field down to the forest. Once in the forest you can refresh yourself at a stream and then follow the road to the bottom parking lot at the edge of the forest in Absam (632 m).

    Following the road, we take the bus (stop: Absam-Eichat line E) back to Innsbruck. From Innsbruck you could then return by train to Scharnitz, if you started the tour from there.

    Walking times (due to the snowfields you need much more time!)

    DAY 1

    Hafelekar-Goetheweg-Mandlspitze-Goetheweg-Mandlscharte: ca.3h
    Mandlscharte stamp yoke: 2h
    Stamp yoke-small stamp yoke tip: 1h
    Small Stempeljochspitze-Pfeishütte: 1.5 hours

    DAY 2

    Pfeishütte-Stempeljoch-Wilde Gang Steig-Lafatscherjoch-Bettelwurfhütte: 4.5-5h, 500m up, 300m down, 8.9km
    Bettelwurfhütte-Valley Absam: approx. 3h, approx. 1400m down




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