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    7 tips to keep in mind when washing functional clothing

    Especially in outdoor and sports activities, the clothing is not spared: Dirt, fat, sweat and maybe blood cling to your clothes.

    aufundab.eu at Galileo on the topic of functional jackets

    The editors of Galileo were probably so excited about aufundab.eu that they have asked me if I say a few words on functional jackets ...

    The winter bivouac - a (uber)experience

    Planned winter bivouacs in the mountains are certainly among the most intense outdoor experiences. Here are some tips for planning a winter tour ...

    Ski Guide Austria 2015

    SKI GUIDE AUSTRIA 2015 - "A guide full of snow shows Austria's winter sports in all its varieties" Already for the sixth ...

    The "deep snow pass" - more safety off the piste

    The "deep snow pass" - more safety off the piste. At the end of November in Ramsau am Dachstein I was allowed to ...

    First Aid Outdoor - second part

    We attended the course First Aid Outdoor - Seil & Fels kompakt the Outdoorschule Süd. The contents of the course are specially designed for possible emergencies and ...

    First Aid Outdoor: Rope and Rock Compact

    Terrible screams ring over the silent forest clearing, blood everywhere, on the ground, smeared on trees. Some people are pale and helpless ...

    The reset button for everyday life: Microadventures

    When the "normal" world struggles, the (apparent) reality becomes too much, too monotonous, too exhausting, my personal reset button helps me: one night ...

    Avalanche course at the Mammut Alpine School

    In glorious sunshine, it was on an avalanche basic course of the Mammut Alpine School. On a short snowshoe tour we learned the basics of avalanche science.
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