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    Water treatment outdoors

    The dangers of polluted water are well known, so I only briefly recall the main sources of danger here. In the further course I go ...

    Wear Sunscreen

    Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young. A text that Kurt Vonnegut said he was proud of ...

    Training for the New Alpinism

    "Training for the New Alpinism" by Steve House and Scott Johnston has quickly become the standard work of instructor training for mountaineers.

    In detail: tour planning for mountain hikes

    Deficient or even missing tour planning is often the cause of avoidable mountain accidents. A fall in the weather, combined with the onset of darkness, has already ...

    Seven tips to stay warm in winter

    Although the winter in the lowlands is now going to its undeserved end, it will hopefully remain in the mountains for a while ...

    What is hiking? The attempt of a definition

    Hiking is an activity of the legs - and a state of the soulJosef Hofmiller This bon mot by the Allgäu writer and ...

    Outdoor weather: small meteorology for on the way

    For a safe and successful tour, the weather plays an important, perhaps even the most important role. We introduce you to some very simple ...

    Small beasts in the forest and how you protect yourself from it

    Not only in distant countries, but also in native areas lurk dangers and common foolishness. The three most important and dangerous animals as well as the ...

    8 tips to survive an unplanned bivouac

    An unplanned bivouac in the mountains can quickly become a disaster. The power goes out, in very adverse circumstances threatens the death by freezing or a crash due to lack of orientation.
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