Westweg: Waldau - Titisee, quitting (5)

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    Westweg: Waldau - Titisee, quitting (5)

    Ninth Stage: Kalte Herberge - Titisee, 21 km, 1980m / 1230m

    In the morning my right ankle is strangely stiff. As I move, the Achilles tendon creaks. I mean, she creaks audibly! Not good at all…

    Does not matter, "that will run away already," I think while packing. Carefully, I am running ahead. The creaking and the pain tempt me to move the right leg only in restraint. After a few kilometers, I realize then that this non-round bending overstrained the hips. Slowly but surely I am really annoyed. I stubbornly survived the worst illnesses, got myself back up, got fit. My body has already gone through so much, just now, lately, and now it's slacking.

    At Lake Titisee we decide, after looking at the weather forecast for the next days: quitting. Health is the most important thing. In addition, to hobble the last 50 kilometers over the Feldberg during thunderstorms, not a really nice way to end of the tour.

    We also decide to stay one more day on the campsite, which beautifully situated by the lake, and treat ourselves to some "holiday".

    Overall, we were nine and a half days on the road, where we spent a rest day in Hausach. We hiked 212 kilometers with 12,000 vertical meters and 11,200 vertical meters descent. We had a bubble together, a tick, and about forty cups of coffee. We were hungry and thirsty, we sweated and frozen and we also had two uncanny encounters with animals and one with humans.

    Later, after the tour, it's clear: in spring I was treated with Flourchinolonen , with ciprofloxacin, to be specific. The stuff is known to attack the Achilles tendon. In retrospect, I'm glad that I just limped with a few weeks and went off lightly.

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