Westweg: Mummelsee - Glaswaldsee - Hausach (3)

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    Westweg: Mummelsee - Glaswaldsee - Hausach (3)

    A long stage, health problems and a break. An extremely relaxing night at the hotel was canceled out by a 34 kilometer stage. But from the beginning.

    Fifth stage: Mummelsee - Zuflucht and Alexanderschanze - Glaswaldsee, 35 km, 1266/1473 Hm

    The night in the mountain hotel mummelsee, including wellness for body and socks, was unfortunately over too fast. In the morning I squeezed my injured feet into the boots and the backpack onto the sore back. If it had not been for the great breakfast, and had I known what was coming that day, I would have just stayed there. Well then, the road will only last forever up the slope, without trees, ever further. At least three "Köpfe" are touched for the first 15 kilometers, including Seekopf, Schliffkopf and the Schurkopf, moving up and down between 950 and 1050 meters. 

    Clouds are rising and there is a thunderstorm behind the next hill. Lightning, thunder. One knows, so on, right in the middle of the storm. I hope it is still enough time to reach Zufluchtbefore the thunderstorm begins. Suddenly it gets hot, muggy, the sweat is pouring down. The Zuflucht is an hour away. Finally a signpost: Zuflucht, 1km. At that moment, the rain comes with thick, fat drops that bounce off the ground. I renounce the rainwear, it is way too hot. Through a small grove I'm protected anyway. As soon as we reached the top, the spook was already over, the sun dries everything within minutes.

    A bus can be seen, houses. Perfect! I meet at the bus stop on the couple from Freiburg. They wanted to stay here, but it is no longer a youth hostel, but a 3-star sports hotel, they said indignantly. They will spend the night in Bad Peterstal. The rain is over, the air is clean and pleasant. I want to sit down under the beautiful trees and have a coffee. Without looking at me the host explains that had already turned off the coffee machine, if I wanted something, then he serves it only inside. Now I am indignant. No request, no thanks. I also like to drink my coffee somewhere else. A look at the map shows me the Alexanderschanze. Well, then let's go there, a break and with water to fill up, is already evening.

    Oh, oh. The hotel Alexanderschanze has its best days long behind. Involuntarily, the single, large building reminds me of a teen horror movie. Luckily the sun is shining! Behind the apparently still inhabited house, I meet two people who are exploring the area. We are all a bit confused, but manage the situation reasonably well. 

    So on, somewhere you will be able to find water. On the way, I notice that one kilometer can be different in length. There are short and long kilometers. And this one has been around for a very long time. Finally, I arrived at the Hilda Hut , I throw on the search function of the GPS device. Show me the next water source. 500 meters down is supposed to be one, but I can not find it. The cyclists also said: "Water, up here? Not that I know.."

    So still further on the trail. On the map, only a little further south, is marked a lake, the Glaswaldsee, and only five kilometers later I reach the dark, stinking waters. Scary here. Deeply cut in the forest lies the lake, deadwood is everywhere. At the other end of the lake there's a campfire. I sat indecisively for a while, trying to filter the stinking water when suddenly two guys appear. With a bottle of water. A little later, I'm sitting by the campfire. Despite the 35 kilometers, I went to bed pretty late. Thank you guys for that lovely evening! 

    Sixth stage: Glaswaldsee - Oberwolfach (Hausach), 22km, 1326/1542 hm

    The guys, students from Karlsruhe, provide me a delicious espresso and a last cigarette, then they go back to the university and I go back to the Westweg.

    This stage is in completely in fog, which is also nice, especially cool, but the whole day in the foggy forest is not really exciting. So I just trudge on forest roads, make up some kilometers. While peeing I discover a tick. Yes, when peeing! Panic, I pluck at the unloved migrants around, of course, the head gets stuck. Somewhat out of frame, I march directly to the next pharmacy, as the disinfectant from my first aid kit had expired long ago and has not been replaced. I reach Oberwolfach and buy a pack of hundreds of alcohol pads. The day is over. By bus I drive to Hausach, check in at Hotel Eiche and treated me. Alcohol and schnitzel are able to numb my physical and mental wounds. 

    The hotel is really cute! I put in a zero day, although I am clearly behind my schedule. Doesn't matter. The following day I strolled through Wolfach and admired the huge Model Railway in Hausach. Clothes were washed and the supplies of dried fruits and granola bars were increased.

    My Achilles tendon hurts and creaks strangely. I take painkillers to counteract the obvious inflammation. Great.

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