Westweg: Hausach - Kalte Herberge - Waldau (4)

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    Westweg: Hausach - Kalte Herberge - Waldau (4)

    Seventh stage: Hausach - Wilhelmshöhe, 23km, 1846m / 973m

    Hausach, eight o'clock, breakfast in the Hotel zur Eiche with some turbo boost eggs. The Achilles tendon has calmed down a bit in the meantime, the socks are dried, backpacks shouldered and ready to go. One of the steepest climbs is waiting for us. The people of Hausach have a weird sense of humor, everywhere there is a sign that indicates that so and so much of the ascent has been made. At about halfway up there is even a "wall book" next to an insect hotel. 

    A little further on, an elderly gentleman walks down and has a nice story to tell. He came from above, as his neighbor said something was wrong with his lot. He went up quickly this morning to check. "Quick" - that's exactly what he said! To his grandfather's time, plots of land, two each, a good and a bad one, were distributed by the countess. She was so touched from the visit of a school class during her hospital stay, that she gave away half the forest on this mountain, just to the children who have visited her - and the then still small daddy of the walking elderly was there, too. Anyway, there had probably been a carelessness at that time, because now, in 2015, have appeared on his lot marker post. He also knew nothing specific, but just just looked briefly, what was going on. As I have said, this piece is one of the most strenuous ascents for the West-wanderer, for whom Grandpa, who has been picking up wood from the forest since childhood, is just a walk. Something like that moves reality back to something straight.

    Soon the hut is reached on the Farrenkopf and therefore also lunch time. A strange gentleman with a curious dog, both of whom are neither in the mood for words nor jokes, do not bother. Unfortunately, the sky is cloudy, so whether the missing views left us only to tackle the next piece of trail.

    Eighth Stage: Wilhelmshöhe - Brend - Kalte Herberge 25km, 1323m / 1219m

    In the morning, just a few miles away, the perfect opportunity for a cat wash: a fountain right on the roadside. Of course, at a rather unfavorable time for me, a jogger was laughing his way.

    At the Blindensee I enjoyed my feet and the class present with a foot bath. Oh, did that well, my Achilles tendon hurts pretty much for a while now. I think about a break in the tour. Walking is possible, if I do not string the right boot up to the top. But should that work, is it stupid to ignore the signals - and nothing else is persistent stress pain now? Or do I just continue and observe the situation? It will be all right until Titisee, where I decide once again.

    At another school class I meet at Naturfreundehaus Brend, Two coke and a nice acquaintance later I'm back on the road, at least until I realize that my supplies of water and food are rapidly running out. At Furtwangen I talked to a walker on her evening tour. The shops in the smaller towns all around have closed over the years, just last year, only the last shop in Neukirch. Down to Furtwangen is about two and a half kilometers, of course, as far as that. Five kilometers extra for shopping means about three hours. I decide to go further and hope for that Kalte Herberge.

    I arrive there limping. Schnitzel and beer heal me again. The innkeeper offers me, with a glance at the dark threatening rain clouds, to pitch the tent in his garden. Sounds tempting, but also a little oppressive. Under the eyes of the hosts and the guests I do not want to sleep, so I go a bit further. The piece then pulls something. On the way I try to find a reasonably flat spot, which finally succeeds me. I'm all ready, I realize. At the edge of the forest, I sleep deeply and firmly.

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