Warm Mountain Women's Shirt by Mons Royale

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    Warm Mountain Women's Shirt by Mons Royale

    Signed with the slogans "Good as gold" and "Tough & woven warm merino", I get the chic merino shirt from Mons Royale, At first glance, it reminds you of a lumberjack shirt, if you think so, you quickly fall in love with the pleasant fluffy warm flannel. I'm looking forward to merino wool in a everyday wear garment. Now I can not only wear the beneficial wool to sport. The combination of merino wool and polyester ensures good insulation even in wet conditions, the fiber surface of the wool is water-repellent and the small soft merino fibers do not scratch the skin.

    Merino for everyday life, designed in New Zealand

    On the chest, the shirt has two practical front pockets that can be closed with a button. On the side you can warm your hands in the pockets. I especially like the high octopus, which you can quickly fold up in the wind.

    In size S, I think it is a bit wide, although it is slightly waisted. On the other hand, the sleeves are perfect and the sleeves are a good length. The fabric is pleasant on the skin and looks very robust due to its thickness and good workmanship. Also the details we buttons and patches were designed of high quality. Finally, an "all-round feel-good shirt" whose good materials also have their deserved price. Whether you want to spend so much money on an everyday garment, everyone has to decide for themselves ... ..


    The merino shirt completes a cabin excursion with a very cozy and warm feel perfectly. Well suited for small hikes and walks in the woods, due to the shirt cut and the lack of stretch, less suitable for activity-intensive activities. For the price of around 120 € a more expensive lifestyle top, but on which one certainly has a lot of fun. 



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