Hike on the coastal path from Deià to Sóller

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    Hike on the coastal path from Deià to Sóller

    The tour starts in Dieà, a beautiful village on the northwest coast of Majorca. We arrive with two cars, leave one in Sóller and drive together by car to Deià.

    Who is not too late, should be in Deià make a short detour to the church (Iglesia Cementerio). From here you have a great view of the village and towards the Mediterranean Sea. The small cemetery probably has one of the best views here. Below the church, the signs start to Sóller: GR 221.

    On the Carrer d'es Clot leave the village and walk on a trail with some stone steps down to the valley towards the sea. One follows the course of the river Torrent Major downhill and later you walk in the shade along old olive trees. You come back on an asphalt road that passes by imposing rock towers and at the end in the wonderful Bay of Cala de Deià empties. There are already courageous bathers who are not deterred by the icy water. To continue, we have to go back a bit. 

    On the left, we continue on a narrow path up to the cliffs of the bay. From time to time, a wooden railing protects you from the steep cliffs. Follow this coastal path to a wall, here you make a left turn to a larger platform. The path is always up and down, sometimes he is exposed to the sea a bit and you have to sometimes climb over a fallen tree. But everything is possible. 

    Between the trees you should always follow the red waypoints or the yellow arrows. Because here many trails have formed, which unfortunately often lead us to dead ends. You pass a nice picnic area and follow the wall path after a wall passage. The path splits and we go right up to the Chapel Lluc Alcari, Until you reach the village, you should follow the signs very attentive. 

    Unfortunately, we have discovered the right way only after a small detour. Climb up the stairs on the left and see two pillars. On an asphalt road you get to the Casa sa Partió, Before we are there we keep to the right. Attention, in a left turn here is a small stone male on the right, which knows the branch in the forest. Now you can not miss the right way anymore. Follow the trail up through denser forest. Later you walk through light olive groves and the signage works again seamlessly. Towards the end it is only downhill towards Sóller. 

    The path leads on coarse paving stones, framed by beautiful stone walls through many fields, sheep meadows and olive groves. You also pass an old country estate where a nice cafe invites you to take a break. Now at Easter, daffodils bloom here against a Mediterranean background of olive trees, palm trees and the sea. Then you pass a largely dilapidated chapel. Continue straight ahead and follow the Wegweißernach Sóller. Above the paved Camí de rust we reach the paved road Camí des Montreals

    We follow the asphalt road at the beginning of He shall until the big road Ma-11. Turn right at the petrol station and walk along the road in the direction of the town center. Through small winding streets, it then goes to the cathedral in the heart of Sóller. After a wonderfully refreshing ice cream, we drive back to the starting point in Deià and pick up the second car. Those arriving by public transport can take a bus from the Sóllerden train station or a taxi back to Deià.




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