Hiking also recommended by other sports

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    Hiking also recommended by other sports

    Hiking is currently becoming more and more fashionable. In addition to the trend sport itself, which resulted in countless blogs, vlogs and Instagram accounts, various tour operators now offer their own hiking tours through the most beautiful regions of the world. And other athletes now use hiking as compensation for their own discipline. The German Football Association also makes a recommendation and recalls that not only sprints or the total expenditure are positive for the body and mind.

    Where are the advantages of hiking?

    Anyone watching a recent football game, the hiking is probably only in particularly lengthy games through the head. If there is an ups and downs on the course, then a football game is probably the greatest possible antithesis of the often deliberate wandering. Nevertheless, it is the largest football association in the world, which also recommends hiking to young athletes. The DFB emphasizes in its publication on its own websitethat it is not just physical exercise in the form of sprints or tempo runs that push your body forward. Rather, a walk like a walk can bring many benefits to the body and mind.

    A great advantage of hiking as a leisure activity is that it is possible to begin with it anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you are in the lowlands of Schleswig-Holstein or in the high mountains of the Alps - there are paths or paths everywhere, and there is more equipment meaningful, must be for basic exercise However, the activity may not necessarily be present. There are also health benefits associated with walking, especially in relation to the cardiovascular system. Regular walking improves blood pressure and lowers your heart rate during exercise. The latter is achievable above all through regular and consistent training.

    In addition to blood pressure and heart rate benefit according to the professional association of German internists (BDI), the cholesterol levels. The regular hiking affects above all on the so-called HDL-cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein), which is able to absorb deposited cholesterol from the vessel walls and to transport back to the liver of the human. With slower walkers, especially the LDL values (low density lipoprotein), which can cause strokes and heart attacks as a consequence of illnesses, decrease. In addition to the region around the heart and circulation, hiking also has a strengthening effect on other levels. This applies to ligaments (especially knees) endangered especially in competitive athletes, bones, cartilages, intervertebral discs, joints and tendons.

    The psyche benefits in full

    It's not just physical benefits that make a hike or a small round in the evening. Mentally, too, humans benefit uncannily from the relaxing nature in which we move. Therefore, it is also an activity that not to compare with running in the gym is. Potentially existing stress is reduced in a very natural way. It is worthwhile, according to doctors and experts already shorter distances from three kilometers to determine a positive effect on the mind. Especially from other sports such as football is known, what great influence the psyche has on the performance. In football, it is mainly the co-games like the DFB Cup, in which it comes more than usual to the mental strength. In addition to the running training on the pitch, players enjoy jogging or hiking in their free time. Bayern Munich's Javi Martínez uses the hikes to spend time with his family and switch off - a method that mentally strengthens him for upcoming games and with which he can support the team with full energy reserves. Recently, the midfielder Uli Hoeneß was praised in the air. With Martínez as one of the key players, Bayern have a good chance of winning the Berlin Olympiastadion. No wonder then that Bayern with a quota of 1.35 (as of 26 April) Favourited this year again in the Betway Online betting become. In addition to the football professionals, each of us benefits from a strengthened psyche, which is promoted by regular walks or walks.

    Even if it seems attractive at first sight to use the argument "no time", this should be counteracted. Even physical characteristics such as the thinking ability are stimulated by walking or going for a walk, as the Cerebral blood flow increases, which also allows for additional oxygenation becomes. Even a movement distributed throughout the day can pay off as so many kilometers are accumulated. Especially in the morning, athletes like to take a walk to stimulate the body and "go up". Not only in football, this is a common process. Many other athletes, such as handball players or basketball players, also go for a game in the morning before an important match.

    Both the physique and the psyche benefit from regular walks and walks. Athletes of various other sports also take advantage of this knowledge and enjoy our favorite sport.



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