From hut to hut and the big Krottenkopf

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    From hut to hut and the big Krottenkopf

    The tour starts in Elbigenalp, in the Lechtal, Austria. This small place can easily be reached by bus! The tour is not a round trip, but ends in Oberstdorf, so it would be awkward to park his car here.

    From Elbigenalp (1065m) we walk over Kasermandl (trail nr.436) 3.5 hours to Hermann-von-Barth-Hütte (2131m). This cabin is located on the southern side of the Hornbach chain and is the highest refuge in the Allgäu Alps. It belongs to the DAV, section Düsseldorf. From there you can not only start great hikes, it is also a paradise for climbers. There are climbing routes at the March and Hermannskarspitze, at the Hermannskarturm and at the Wolfebnerspitze, which, in addition to the Tannheimer mountains, represents the most fertile climbing area in the Allgäu Alps. There is the possibility to transport the heavy rucksacks with the material ropeway. We liked the hut very much, it is very quaint, the Spaetzle are still scraped by hand and in the evening the landlord plays on his accordion and sings with body and soul a few traditional songs. Cozy you can hardly spend a hut evening!

    The next morning we start at 8 o'clock to the Kemptner hut. We go over the Hermannskar, to the Krottenkopfscharte, climb the large Krottenkopf and reach our next destination, the Kemptner hut, after 6,5h (pure walking time):

    From Hermann-von-Barth-Hütte we follow the Düsseldorfer Weg and then the path nr.432. Below the Großer Krottenkopf (also called Öfnerspitze), you pass the Hermannskarsee, which invites you to refresh yourself before climbing to the Krottenkopfscharte. If you arrive at the top of the ridge, you have the opportunity to climb the summit, or go straight to the Kemptner Hütte. You can leave the backpack there and only take the valuables and possibly a stick with you to the summit.

    The ascent (ascent 300hm, 1h) begins in a steep gravel slope and turns into rocky rocks, which is very handy in a dry state. The climb then takes place in easy climbing (not over I) and requires absolute sure-footedness, head for heights and strength, so that one can master the descent without problems again. There are no wire ropes for securing on the entire climb. Due to the upstream position and the fact that you stand on the highest summit of the Allgäu Alps, you have a wonderful panoramic view.

    After a break, we descend again and continue to Kemptner hut. This is now in contrast to the quiet Hermann-von-Barth hut very crowded and noisy. I would not call it a cabin any more, it's a big house that has been extended by a new extension to accommodate the large crowd. Despite everything, the Kemptner hut is very nice and you can lie around in the meadows to avoid the crowds and the hustle and bustle. If you no longer have a long journey home from Oberstdorf, you can also stop at the Kemptner hut and descend directly after the valley.

    The next morning, the third and last day in the morning you could climb the Muttlerkopf (2366m) in about 1.5 hours (ascent and descent) and then descend to the valley. As we unfortunately had bad weather, we went straight down to Spielmannsau (1071m) and drove from there by bus to Oberstdorf train station.



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