Burrs in the Engadin: Piz Julier

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    Burrs in the Engadin: Piz Julier

    Beautiful day trip from St. Moritz (1775m) over the Fuorcla Albana (2870m) and the blue and white marked southeast ridge on the Piz Julier (3380m). Descent to Silvaplana and return in the valley to St. Moritz.

    Finally back to the Engadin! We arrive at St. Moritz at a quarter to midnight (P. 1775) shoulder our backpacks and take the few meters up into the city. Here the ruble rolls, you can see that in the shops. A few furs here, fancy cars there, and luxury brands at luxury brands. Nevertheless, the place has a little charm, albeit priceless for us. We walk along the road towards Suvretta. Pass the Suvretta House on the road until Futschöls (P. 1995), From here, the trail runs almost flat into the quiet Suvretta valley. The clouds in the sky now and then flash through the stars, and we hope for a dry night. Nevertheless, we are looking for our warehouse at the Alp Suvretta (P. 2211)where we can at least stay dry in case of rain.

    The alarm clock rings at 7 o'clock, which is already unusually late compared to the other tours. But today, not a long distance is waiting for us. Asleep, it goes briefly along the stream up the valley, then at the junction to the left, towards Fuorcla Albana. This transition is marked in blue and white, but there is still no sign of it down here. In many serpentines, we quickly make height without being overstrained, every second glance goes up, where the ridge and the mighty wall rise into the clouds. Well, at the summit, you're over it ...

    In high valley called Padriöl it looks like the junkyard. Here it was rumbling, as if the Piz Albana is only half as high as it used to be. Arrived at the Fuorcla Albana (P. 2870), Let's leave our bivouacs and everything else superfluous in the cozy barracks, which in times of need have their right to exist up here.

    From here it is only in tight serpentines up, until the way narrow and the markings and chains show the way. Now and then the hands must be used, otherwise a very pleasant Kraxelgelände. As soon as the path on the ridge edge, the wind from the northeast wall rushes down from below around the legs. The majority of the way but runs wind protected in the flank. In good weather you have a great view, but we are so from 3000m in the clouds we see only 20m far. From P. 3192 The ridge runs in east-west direction, here are still 5-10 cm fresh snow in the flank. This makes it quite slippery, you have to concentrate more and it gets a bit more exciting.

    At 11:30 we are at the top of the Piz Julier (3380m), for the ridge path from the Fuorcla Albana we needed so 2 hours. In good weather and without snow that will certainly be faster, but we have time.

    It is almost windless, we imagine the panorama and we stuff chocolate pure. A buddy even brought a nut cake! That makes up for the missing view! But soon we get back to the downhill, which takes just as long as the ascent due to the slippery fresh snow. But it's fun, and below the cloud cover we also see a few sunspots in the landscape here and there. Just before the Fuorcla Two people come to meet us, with sparse equipment, which then turn around again in the fresh snow. Arriving at the hut we relax, we have time like hay today. It is nice and warm, here at 2870m altitude.

    For the descent we choose the side down to the Julierpassstrasse. This is about rough terrain, you feel like you are on the moraines of big glaciers like in the Bernese Alps. The high valley is called Munteratsch, around P. 2656 It stretches between the rocky slopes of Piz Julier and Piz Albana. Before we descend to the pass road, there is first a sleep break on a few grass stains, which were now in the sun. Even the sunglasses are pulled out! After about half an hour, we slide down the steep scree to the road, are made by a few cows and walk then first good 2 km next to the rushing traffic along. Shortly before the Silvaplana gorge, the trail branches off and leads through the picturesque Engadin pine forest to traffic Silvaplana (P. 1815) down.

    Now it's getting a little tight, my buddy and I still want to run to St. Moritz, while the other two still want to jump into the lake and come by bus. For the advertised 2 hours we have 1.5 hours until the departure of the train. So we run to and walk through very fast Champfer and suvrettauntil we land again on the road to St. Moritz and after just over an hour on Station (P. 1775) arrive. Since we saved about 3 francs for the bus, there is now a beer for everyone that just pulls us off the plug. We only wake up on the train in Chur 🙂



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