VEHO outdoor smartphone case: water resistant and well protected

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    VEHO outdoor smartphone case: water resistant and well protected

    Anyone who has ever traveled in Italy or France from low-traffic routes, knows how fast you can get lost there. So we had a smartphone case from VEHO in the test.

    The trails are not signposted at each crossroads or sometimes have no signs that point to the right path. Anyone who has a map but no GPS device or smartphone with them, usually looks a long way for the way. That's what happened on our last transalp on a mountain bike in Italy. After that, we swore we would be better equipped technically next time, because you can not afford to detour most of the time on the multi-day tour. A smartphone is always there for safety and the GPS works well even without Internet abroad. In order not to have to look at the map at every turn on the tour and thus to stop, you drive mostly to feel in the supposedly correct direction. For the next mountain bike tour, we then discovered the water-repellent outdoor case complete with handlebar mount and put it to the test.

    Product features and assembly

    The VEHO "Saem" smartphone outdoor case is a sturdy plastic case with an "X-Touch screen protector", which allows you to continue operating the smartphone inside the case. The case comes with a practical holder for the bicycle handlebar. The case is connected at the back with a short plastic rail to the handlebar mount. The bracket has a clamp, which is screwed by a clamping mechanism to a thread on the handlebars. The clamp can handle a handlebar diameter of 1.5-3cm. Smartphones with the maximum dimensions of 13.2 x 6.7 cm and a depth of approx. 11 mm fit into the case. The case is 15,5 x 9cm in total relatively large, but this is related to the large formats of our smartphones and also promises in the case better readability. The case is tightly clamped with two metal clips, which are pressed laterally over the case. Inside the case, the mobile phone is held by moving rubber teeth and can react to different formats. In the cover of a screen protector was glued, through which you can operate the display well in light rain.

    Advantages and disadvantages during use

    A clever thing about the handlebar mount is the rotatable plate, which makes it possible to turn the smartphone into the position in which it is most readable and does not reflect. Those who need such a stable shell when climbing or hiking, instead of the handlebar mount the carabiner included (including screw cap) for attachment to the harness or backpack use. Since the metal clamps are very tight and their edges are very sharp, using them outside with cold or sweaty hands becomes relatively difficult. But I think that otherwise the clamps would not close the sheath tightly. If it rains too heavily, the display becomes unreadable due to the water and it should be taken out better. The manufacturer also advises against using the sheath under water.


    Lightweight and sturdy case, which fulfills its purpose with the holder on bike rides. As something awkwardly placed, I find the inner rubber teeth, as they press especially on the Iphone directly on the side button. The two side metal straps have to clamp the cover tightly together, but unfortunately are also very sharp at the edges, so that you can easily hurt yourself.

    On mountain bike trails with a lot of vibration and danger of falling I would stow the entire holder better in the backpack. On normal bike paths, the bracket replaces any large card holder, is very light and quick to mount at 105 grams. When the rain is pouring, the cover is no longer watertight, but with drizzle it provides enough protection to quickly find its way into the dry.

    The VEHO case including bracket and carabiner is for € 49.95 Radbag available.

    Advertisement: This article was created in collaboration with: Radbag.



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