Holiday in the homeland: on the shores of Lake Constance and the Rhine

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    Holiday in the homeland: on the shores of Lake Constance and the Rhine

    A long and Mediterranean-like walk along the Swiss shores of Lake Constance and the Rhine.

    You do not always have to wander into the distance. Often enough, a change of perspective is enough to create a holiday mood. Instead of rushing by car or train along the lakeshore, as we often do, we set out on foot and explored a piece of Switzerland about thirty kilometers long along the Lake Constance, the Seerhein and the Untersees.

    Granted, the charming atmosphere here on Lake Constance makes it in summer not difficult to think of the Mediterranean.

    At the Bodensee

    With light luggage on our backs and a hearty breakfast in our stomach, we marched in Münsterlingen, Switzerland. Impressive, how many neat houses are lined up on the south side of Lake Constance. From the old, beautifully renovated fisherman's cottage, to the modern concrete and glass villa, we marveled at the gardens and even a little the wealth of these people who have no name on their bell labels.

    A first stop on a beautifully located Beer garden "Fischerhaus"on the shore, we just could not miss it. The waitress was wearing a straw hat, a genuine Bavarian in lederhosen was in command. The way to Kreuzlingen and through Konstanz runs through, so we made in Konstanz right once again a coffee break in the bird house.

    Seerhein and Untersee

    Behind Konstanz, past the rather overgrown "Gottlieber Zoll", past the Trompetenschlössle, through the Tägermoos, the path turns out to be interesting and beautifully situated along the shore. The Tägermoos is part of the constitutional law of Switzerland, but is a district of Konstanz. We do not care, because at the "Kuhhorn", a small swimming area, we cooled off a bit in the shade and let the slowly getting tired legs dangle in the water. After Gottlieben then the route is less beautiful, rather tedious and seemingly forever straight, along just harvested cornfields and lushly growing corn.

    I am also interested in the legacies of a now fortunately past epoch: the southern shore of Lake Constance around Kreuzlingen is peppered with bunkers of the Fortress belt Kreuzlingen, On such a beautiful day, in the midst of a flower meadow, the things seem pretty out of place - yet admonishing and oppressive. Other bunkers are camouflaged in the midst of villages as houses or garages.


    In Triboltingen at the church we make the first and now well deserved longer rest. With Swiss cheese and Älpler salami, of course. The road pulls up from Triboltingen on the Seerücken, it is exhausting and sweaty, but the 100 vertical meters are made quickly. Once at the top you have placed directly a bench to enjoy the fabulous views of the Unter and Zellersee and the island of Reichenau.

    So you hike a bit along the Seerücken, through colorful flowering wildflower meadows, past pretty Swiss cows. Probably the way would have gone a bit further, but a minimal navigation error brought us pretty straight to the random wine festival in Ermatingen. Exactly that Ermatingen, the "most boring holiday resort in Switzerland". The party was in full swing, and really not boring at all. A wine festival just, with wine, toasted wine drinkers, bratwurst and so on.

    Twenty kilometers and beyond

    I feel reminded of the old Indian who lingers for days at the train tracks. When asked what he is doing, he answers: waiting for my soul.

    Getting up and, above all, moving on was no longer so easy with apple juice spritzer and bratwurst belly. Slowly it darkens, the feet hurt, the way is still far. We decide to go to Steckborn to crack at least the thirty kilometer mark. Grateful for the village fountain in Berlingen and immediately refreshed, we give again rubber and undercut the attack "Steckborn 1h" by a good fifteen minutes. We are just catching the train in the direction of Sankt Gallen. In a few minutes, the road we needed the whole day passes by.


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