Training hill: Ammergauer Hörnle

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    Training hill: Ammergauer Hörnle

    #Herndlgehtimma is the hashtag for a popular mountain. The Hörnle - or Herndl - at Bad Kohlgrub* is a lot at the same time: a test piece for sporty hikers and trail runners, a mountain running competition track, a destination with cable car, ski slope and and a ski tour destination, and since recently also launch site for paragliders. Reason enough to visit this summit more often. Finally, next to the view, a delicious handmade Kaiserschmarrn is waiting in the Hörndlhütte.

    Of course, a hut so inviting and easy to reach attracts less pleasant fellows: men with shaved, middle-aged legs, who scurry into the people from the bench, and for each passing woman they make bold sexist comments far beyond tolerable tastelessness. Well, the mountains are unfortunately also there for such disrespectful intelligence refugees.


    Speaking of the test piece: below are written for the summer way 1 ½ hours. Last year, totally untrained, I needed something over 1h. Now I have reached just under 42 minutes, measured from the hut at the upper parking lot to Hörnlehütte. Strava knows a hiking segment "Hörndle-way"My PB is meanwhile 35: 39min (branch Sommerweg and up directly straight on the slopes up to just before the hut, over the entire summer path the segment"Hörnlehütte"Is my PB 34:08).

    Everywhere one hears the magical half-hour walk to the hut, apparently everyone knows someone here, who creates just under these 30 minutes, the almost 470 vertical meters. Let's see if I can still save the missing 6 minutes somewhere and at least get close to this time. A "3" at the front should definitely be feasible, especially if you take the halfway level sections at a run.

    One should set up his visit to the Hörnlehütte good time: actually, there is always something going on, but on nice weekends from the late morning a visit is not recommended - unless you want to do intensive observational studies.




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