Training for the New Alpinism

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    Training for the New Alpinism

    "Training for the New Alpinism" by Steve House and Scott Johnston is fast too theStandard work of training for alpinists ascended.

    On over 450 pages, divided into four sections, are given to very competent and easy to read basics of training. Examples from the "real life" of various well-known alpinists and many suggestions for your own training enrich the book immensely. A very strict training plan, which is clearly designed for ambitious and (semi) professional mountaineers and mountaineers, is included. There is also this Training log* in addition to buy.

    Section 1 treats the methodology and physiology of endurance training and contains the theoretical foundations of successful training.

    Section 2 introduces training planning to periodic training and the individual phases of such training.

    Section 3 discusses the various tools that are important for training. Here, the authors also give tips on proper nutrition, altitude training and mental fitness.

    Section 4 answers any questions that are still open and puts all the existing parts together.

    In summary, I personally liked the good structure, the good legibility and the many examples. The knowledge about the training theory from section 1 can be very well on others Endurance sports Apply and gives a very good overview of how the body reacts to training stimuli. But already from section 2 the work is too ambitious for me, only a few suggestions can be incorporated into my everyday life. Section 3, I found again very stimulating, as the topics around nutritionand the Mental fitness very well applicable in everyday life.

    All in all a coherent standard work, the purchase of which alone is worthwhile because of the current fundamentals for endurance training. Many exercise books do not do that Steve House succeed here.

    At Amazon to buy*: Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnston



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