Great outdoor pictures - better success with image editing

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    Great outdoor pictures - better success with image editing

    (Advertising) You've probably heard many times that your pictures are great. This compliment is not only due to your talent for taking pictures, but also to the motives you choose. Depending on the landscape, it will be particularly easy for you to take a good picture.

    But not only your talent and the motives are decisive for the success of your pictures. In addition to these, your camera and the subsequently used image editing software are of enormous importance.

    Composition of the photo

    You have to think about how you want to build your picture. Here you already have many possibilities how to choose the section! Suggestions on this you get on numerous photoblogs.
    However, you should have a foreground and a background for each photo. Especially the background can significantly enhance the photo. Depending on the background you even have a nice frame for your photo.

    Use the possibilities of the camera

    The technology that is behind or in a camera today is stunning. Surely you have an automatic mode that makes it easier for you to click, but try something different and turn the wheel. Among other things, you can change the shutter speed and aperture settings.

    With the exposure time you regulate how long the picture is taken. For fast moving subjects, this setting should be very short. Here, however, enough light or a sufficient brightness should be present, otherwise you only get a very dark picture. To counteract this, you can still use a flash. In order to avoid delays, you can preset this before, by looking for a subject with similar lighting conditions and this once more focus. With a little practice you can achieve really great pictures with breathtaking effects.
    If you choose a long exposure time, you should make sure that the camera is quietly positioned. Since this is not always possible with outdoor activities, you should rather refrain from doing so. This gives you a silky effect, which pays off especially in pictures with water elements or at night.

    The f-number shows you the diameter of the hole through which the light enters the camera while you record. This allows you to regulate the sharpness with which the foreground or background is displayed.

    Especially for outdoor photography, you should get a polarization filter here. Through this you can change the colors, as they meet you in nature, in real colors on your photo. So landscape photographs are even more contrasting. You can also avoid reflections.

    The editing of the photos

    Basically, you should know that the image processing starts due to the far-reaching technology of most cameras already at the time of triggering. The first elements here are the basic settings for color saturation, contrast and the highlighting of certain colors. If you have chosen these settings correctly, you can often save a post-processing of images on the PC. However, if you do not have a camera that allows you such extensive functions, or your picture is not exciting enough, you can with some controls, which you will find in most image editing programs, the necessary effects.

    Particularly in outdoor photography, particularly good effects are possible here. One of these controls is the Contrast knob. It's best to try it out and let it surprise you with what's happening. The contrast control makes the subject clearer. This creates tension in the entire picture. But remember that less is sometimes more. If you overdo it, you're more likely to get the opposite effect.

    Another alternative is the gamma correction control. This is especially useful if your picture is too bright or too dark when you take it. This allows you to change the lighting or the brightness of the image again.

    What applies to the brightness, but does not apply to the colors and the color saturation of your pictures. If you increase this, your photo will not work anymore. You should avoid this change sooner. Instead of raising it, you'd better change it in the other direction, so diminish it. Many pictures and motifs seem much more interesting if the pictures are not quite as colorful.
    Most image editing programs include these different tools that you can use to enhance your pictures. However, which software is the most suitable for you, you can in comparison tests such as or find out.

    Principle for great pictures in outdoor photography

    The most important thing about outdoor photography and great photos to get here is to keep your camera always at hand. Especially in nature, you get the best moments without warning. This means that you should not carry your camera in a backpack with you, but rather directly on the wrist, so that you can always respond quickly to the situation. Because you'll be annoyed, for example, if you see an eagle fly over a mountain lake and then have to unpack your camera. You will not get that motive again soon.


    Keep your camera handy so you can capture the best of them right away. Experiment with the settings that your camera offers you. So you will already achieve many great and exciting effects. Edit your pictures with a reasonable image editing software, to make them even more interesting. An image editing software is essential for exciting outdoor photos.

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