Tödi - King of Northeastern Switzerland

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    Tödi - King of Northeastern Switzerland

    Impressive and long ski tour in perfect conditions on the highest of the Glarus Alps - Tödi (3614m).

    Even though the tour was almost a month ago, the report and (above all) the pictures you would not want to keep to yourself. Here, regardless of the current conditions, the ski tour on the Tödi in perfect conditions.

    Here we go!

    We start at around 11 pm Linthal animal feud (805m), in the far corner of the large construction site of the Linthaler dams. The skis are still on the backpack, the farm road goes directly steeply uphill, until we behind the Pantenbrugg (988m) can start. The clouds of the last bad days clear up a bit and let the (almost) full moon shine its bright light. Now it goes on flat, the valley continues, and at the front camp we miss directly the bridge over the stream. Back to the other side and over the front sand to the snow-covered houses of Behind sand (1300m), We needed about 2 hours, without much hurry. While we are setting up our tent here, two women overtake us, who from now on have the honor to feel further up, because they still want to go to the Fridolinshütte. Actually we do not need a tent at all, the air is clear, it will not snow any more today, and in case of need there is a great shelter near the huts. Well, next time ...

    The alarm rings at 5 o'clock, and while we still wake up and decapitate, we hear two or three rope teams go outside. That motivates, so we will have a nice track in the fresh snow of the last week. We put away the sleeping clothes and set off up the steep path through the forest near Rietlen. A few bends are quite challenging and the icy pad comes to light. From about 1500m, the terrain but flatter and the steep step opens to the wide cauldron of the "Tentiwang". To the right, it goes steeply up to the hut, but we follow the tracks on the left edge, which pull themselves up comfortably to a slip-through in the next steep step. Already in the light we are so up 2000m at the beginning of the Bifertenfirns, The Tödi glows in the sunrise to the right and the cliffs around it rise an impressive thousand meters in height. We see the scurrying ropes in front of us, and thank you inwardly. In the fresh snow a strenuous job, which none of us would like to take over. At the first glacier break it passes on the right hand side, at the end of the Schneerninne the Grünhornhütte stands to the right on the Felssporn. The second glacier break can also be avoided on the left, but we keep going straight ahead Schneerus, up to 45 ° steep gully, in which can be run up in good snow.

    At the beginning of the channel we make but first an extended breakfast break, meanwhile we are in the sun. The ice breakers of the glacier are really impressive, you feel very small. Alright, we are on the way to catching up. Shortly we dig up on foot, then you can strap on again and run up the slope in many switchbacks. Above the yellow wall (2807m) is then paused again briefly before it continues flat in the bright sun. The trail runs in a wide arc around the vertical ice floes at 3200m, the air becomes thinner and the view is all the better. I swear over the heavy snow tunnels under my skins as if the skis are not heavy enough ... At home I will impregnate them, I swear to myself more than ten times 🙂 The large gaps between the two peaks are only slightly visible, but completely filled with snow , Take your last breath together and we stand beautifully in perfect cloudless weather and little wind Summit of Tödi (3614m)!! How long have we been waiting for this summit is already long on our list!

    So far we have used 7 hours of Hinter Sand, including extensive breaks.

    Powder dreams and Sulzkrampf

    The view leaves nothing to be desired, the whole of eastern Switzerland is at your feet. In the west, the trendy clouds are slowly building, but still lie behind the ice giants in the Valais. We sit there for a while and let everything affect us. As much as we look forward to the downhill, the legs need a short break after the 2800 vertical meters since yesterday evening.

    When it gets too cold, let's go. Cross directly from the summit to the saddle, then down the wide slopes on gloriously puffed up powder. We pass a few panting ropes in the climb and encourage them. Countless turns can be made on the wide glacier, we make films and photos. Up to the Schneerus it is 800 meters, fantastic. The Schneerus we drive individually, at the steepest point you have to slip a few meters. Below the gutter widens again and in wide turns it passes the breaks. Until the entrance to the Tentiwang we drive in the most beautiful powder, that was 1600 meters! Here, the snow is very wet and from the right slip off wet snow avalanches. We hold carefully near the creek and push with only a little push to the last steep step before the Alp. Here, we feel like the people 100 years ago, driving down the heavy snow and avalanche cones like on eggs.

    After a long break in Behind sand Let's pack our sleeping clothes and push the flat pieces down the valley. From Vorder Sand it is practically always down, and we slide relaxed and satisfied down the road until we run out of snow on the Pantenbrugg. So we are, from the summit with long breaks expected, after about 5 hours back to our car in Tierfehd, where we now put our feet up in the air and happily hiss the last Coke 🙂



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