Review: Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra

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    Review: Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra

    A fire-red, light and fast racing sock with a profile, that's how you could rewrite the Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra.

    I had the flagship of Salomon in the endurance test. Many hundreds of kilometers of walking, hiking, climbing, later comes the test report. One thing in advance: the shoe is good!

    Construction and properties

    Cleanly processed, as you know it from Salomon and as you would expect from an almost 200 € expensive racing shorts, they are. The first impression "wow, looks pretty like red plastic shoes" is partly confirmed, but after some time, the "worn look" comes on its own, and then it fits.

    The Sense 5 Ultra comes with 4mm blast and little cushioning, which promises (and keeps) full control and running like lowered. The sole's minimal profiling lasts on almost all surfaces, but it only becomes spongy on damp, smooth rock. But I did not even test a shoe that would not slip. It is often read that the parts suffer from relatively high signs of wear and tear, that the sole or the profile wears off quite quickly. Either I was lucky in my execution, or 350 kilometers were just too few. Anyway, you can see that they are used, but above average wear, I can not confirm now

    The carbon plate as a midsole in the forefoot area makes perfect sense, because the sole is quite thin, and the carbon prevents in any case a piercing of stones or other sharp parts. Incidentally, the shoe is designed for middle and forefoot runners, which is evident in the damping and the carbon plate - and the comfort.

    Comfort and running properties

    The Sense 5 Ultra is really like a sock. People with broad feet could get in trouble here, the cut is rather narrow. Due to the low level, the low attenuation and the tight fit you have direct contact to the trail.

    A touch of nothing, but you definitely trusted!



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