Test of the Nordisk Rana - a small, fast running backpack

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    Test of the Nordisk Rana - a small, fast running backpack

    The small running backpack "Rana" from Nordisk is a packing miracle. What else he has left you read here.

    wear property

    You could compare wearing comfort with a garment. Because by the fact that the backpack with the shoulder straps consists of a fabric part, It nestles ideally on the upper body on. Hip and chest straps make for jumps with a filled water bag for a firm hold on the body. Since he is so light, you hardly feel it on his back. The straps of the shoulder straps and hipbelt are very very long. They bothered me a lot on the way, because you can hardly fix them with one rubber band. I then cut it myself and sealed it with heat again.

    Equipment and details

    The breathable mesh structure on the back and the shoulder straps provide for a slight ventilation or dry again quickly. 

    The backpack has at both shoulder straps a tunnel for the Guide the drinking tube, Below the tunnel, there is again a loop and on a rubber band this is also held on the chest strap. There is also a small one here Emergency Whistle.

    On both sides is outside one small mesh bag, in which you can store tempo and bars. Even when running, nothing falls out here, because the fans stretch the net and the food is kept so tight. You can easily reach these net pockets without having to put down the backpack, which is very handy especially when biking.

    In the neck, a thin strap for practical hanging of the backpack is attached. The hip belt is provided on both sides with a zipped compartment, in which the phone can be stowed safely and easily. Inside, there is a rubber band on the back fabric, in which you can pinch small parts safely. For the drinking bag, there is an insert pocket made of the stretchable mesh material, so that it does not bother in the small interior. The entire backpack can be stowed in its small inner compartment. Then it is only 17 x 13 x 8cm small and fits in every pocket. This zippered interior pocket unfolds into a convenient compartment for valuables and keys that can be clipped to the lanyard inside. All zippers have a pinch protection.


    The backpack is simply a small but fine pack miracle. Although it nestles so compactly to the body, it offers space for rain jacket, long running trousers, drinking bag (2 liters) Tempos, sun cream, bars, mobile phone, keys and wallet. And you can also press in a flat cuddle. I take it on all activities where I do not want to carry much. For example for running, biking and on via ferrata. The Nordisk Rana is so light and adapts so well to the back that you hardly feel it when filled.



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