Ticino mountain tour on the Pizzo di Vogorno

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    Ticino mountain tour on the Pizzo di Vogorno

    Long day tour from Riazzino (197m) via the Borgna hut (1912m) to the Pizzo di Vogorno (2442m) and down via Vogorno (500m) to Tenero (197m).

    We are coming in at quarter to twelve by train Riazzino It is still humid and the full moon is in the sky. To the footpath it goes a kilometer the road to Ostetn, and at the branch P. 205 arrived we pull everything out first. I continue in T-shirt, the buddy up without. Actually, we wanted to make a four-thousand-meter tour, the weather forecast said from noon but thunderstorms over the whole of Switzerland ahead, which seemed a bit too sensitive for a Tageshochtour. Instead, this Mediterranean climate tour, in completely different circumstances.

    The path follows up the steep step Piandesso, On P. 352 we choose the left road and follow quickly Agaronewhere people still sit in their grottos and watch the World Cup. On P. 329 If you come to the main road that comes from the valley, but leaves it in the next serpentine and reaches the trail that leads to Monti Velloni. Through the forest it goes steeply uphill, here and there staring at us a bright pair of eyes through the darkness. About the Alpe Ronchi then you reach Monti Velloni (P.1023), a tree-free, slightly inclined alpine plain, with gray typical Ticino stone houses standing in the full moon. The path is now less steep Monti Pianelle (P. 1214) and from there on Monti della Gana (P. 1286), Again and again we turn around and look at the plain far below us, with their radiant villages and moonlit water areas.

    From here we follow the signs to Alpe di Sassello (P. 1673)where we add water and relax again. Now it is only a stone's throw and on an almost level way we reach the Forcola (P. 1710), This pass allows you to reach the restored Pizzo di Vogornos range, etc. without any major loss of altitude. Now, in the moonlight, we see our destination far ahead of us, and the path runs from here for two kilometers along a mountainside. In a little bit up and down we have to cross a few avalanche cones, which however are all quite well turned off. And we in the T-shirt over it ... At the turnoff P. 1762 It is best to choose the right path that leads steadily to the hut without any steep spots.

    At 4 o'clock in the morning we reach the Cap. Borgna (1912m) from the SEV, a beautifully located self-catering cottage in typical Ticino architecture. From Riazzino we needed 4 hours, on the signs this way is given with 6 hours.

    Here in front of the hut we lay down for a good hour to gather some strength (and sleep) for the upcoming way to the summit. The alarm rings an hour later at 5:30 clock, the sky is already daylight, and the sun illuminates the Valais four-thousand, which are great to see from here. About the mountain slope it is always easy uphill BTTA. di Rognoi contrary, until the way just behind P. 2063 branched. Here you follow the narrow path under the ridge to the west. The path has slipped in some places after the winter, but the sun is everything dry and stable. Under the rocks from the summit we reach the key pointWhere the path seeks its way through the rocky outcrop, sometimes requiring the hand. Here you have to be careful, especially so that the successor does not get any stones on the head. After about 40 meters of this steep point you are on your back, after the last 140 meters in altitude Summit plateau (2442m) ends. With four stone men, summit book and summit cannon (from 1908!) This is pretty well equipped.

    From the hut to here we needed 1.5 hours. A few small residual snow fields still have it, but none are crossed.

    On the summit the view in all directions fascinates. As predicted, it is still virtually cloudless, only in the south above the Po Valley hangs the dark soup. The view extends from the Valais four-thousand-meter peaks over the Bernese Alps to the Bernina massif. The madness! And of course down to the Lake Maggiore, more than 2000 meters under one. Directly in the north, the view extends over the Verzasca valley, whose steep mountain slopes and rugged peaks are so characteristic of the Ticino are.

    After a long summit nap we start our journey. West of the summit, a blue-white marked alpine trail leads to Alpe Bardughèwhich one we choose. Directly at the summit, however, we take the short cut more or less directly along the north ridge, the terrain is well graded and with hearty access here and there it goes down this beautiful landscape. To the right, the flank falls almost vertically down to the snow-covered Arpigia, to the left the trail always runs 20 meters below us in the flank. There are two people approaching, making the mountain from the Alpe (you can get there by cable car). On the narrow trail it goes steeply down on the grassy slopes until we get up 1639 m the Alpe Bardughè reach, a collection of picturesquely situated stone houses with Swiss flags in front of it. Here we are first slobbered by a few pushy horses, who have a preference for our sticks and we have to collect them again before we look further down a more suitable playground. From here you have a great view of the front Verzascatal, with the dammed Lago di Vogorno in the valley floor.

    The sun is still shining and we are heading for the long downhill. One has the feeling of walking through the flowering life, at least ten butterflies are constantly buzzing around one and the meadows exude a strong spring fragrance. over Corte-Nuovo (P. 1250) Then it zigzags down in the forest and you reach after a while Costa Piana (665m) and then the turnoff to Vogorno. However, we follow directly the trail direction Berzona, which briefly winds down the forest and then meets the road bridge, which overcomes a side arm of the picturesque reservoir at a height of about 40 meters.

    Now it is time to tear down the missing kilometers to Tenero. The path follows in constant up and down the mountainside, to Berzona and Fontöbbia past. From the street you can hear constantly motorcycles and cars, but you can not see them. Fortunately, here in the forest, it is quite cool, on clearings is the hot air and almost crushes one. After about 1.5 hours we reach the dam, from which bungee is jumped today, and with the screams in the background we follow the way further Gordeno, Now it's just downhill, we reach the outskirts and steadily rise to the level. Still the bridge over the Verzasca, then you are already in Tenero and reaches the train station in 10 minutes.

    End the day, the best way to do that is with a little dip in Lake Maggiore 🙂

    For a day quite long tour (32 km) with about 2600 Hm. From Vogorno to Tenero, however, the bus can be taken, which makes the track already relaxed again. Depending on the weather, the key point as well as the descent on the marked trail can become dangerously slippery when it rains.



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