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    Drachenstich hiking loop in Murnau

    The Drachenstich Rundweg is a relatively short walk of about 6 kilometers, which leads through the versatility of the landscape around Murnau.

    Murnauer Moos Loop

    The Murnauer Moos is the largest closed bog area in Central Europe. A circular path leads through the moor area.

    Winter walking

    Now in winter there were some very nice days, which I used right away, the text for hiking with some moving pictures ...

    Tightrope Heimgarten - Herzogstand by fair means

    Wednesday, 10 o'clock. It's the first real summer day of the year and I'm free. Actually a perfect day to be in partial shade ...

    Wank and cross through mud and snow

    Training and equipment test for the Val Grande, Part 1. Two friends from Konstanz came to the training camp in Murnau. As a leisurely way I searched ...

    Snow gullies and water features at Hörnle

    The guys from Konstanz, my old home, moved here to Murnau for equipment testing and light mountain training. We enjoyed a ...

    Training hill: Ammergauer Hörnle

    #Herndlgehtimma is the hashtag for a popular mountain. The Hörnle - or Herndl - at Bad Kohlgrub * is a lot at the same time: a test piece for ...

    The Murnauer Moss in winter

    The Murnauer Moos The Murnauer Moos is with 32 square kilometers the largest contiguous and natural preserved moor of Central Europe. It was created after the last ...

    Via Weiblkante on to the Ettaler Manndl

    For a year we were no longer together in the mountains. This should change with a visit to the Ettaler Mandl. Of course not on the boring via ferrata, but rather on a climbing route.