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    Outxe - Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

    New in the test: the Outxe Rugged Power Bank - with 10.000mAh capacity, lamp and solar panel.

    Dura Case - waterproof iPhone case with battery

    For shorter activities, I use my smartphone instead of a full-blown GPS device. With the GPS module switched on and a constantly running map and navigation software, the ...

    VEHO outdoor smartphone case: water resistant and well protected

    Anyone who has ever traveled in Italy or France from low-traffic routes, knows how fast you can get lost there. We...

    Outdoor Smartphone IceFox (TM) Thunder with small weaknesses

    "What do you want to do with that? Hunt?" - or similar were the first reactions to the outdoor phone Thunder IceFox.

    Enziano - the digital climbing guide

    Normally it's about the same when climbing: choose a climbing area, ask around if someone has a topo for it. In doubt the ...

    Navigation on the move: Viewranger App

    For shorter activities outside, I now only use the Viewranger Outdoor Navigation App. The Viewranger app (available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry) is card software and navigation device ...
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