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    10 backpacking essentials

    If you are just starting to hike, you have certainly heard many tips on what you should carry everything. Of course, everyone is ticking differently, but in principle it can be broken down to 10 essentials.

    Water treatment outdoors

    The dangers of polluted water are well known, so I only briefly recall the main sources of danger here. In the further course I go ...

    Dangers in winter and effects on tour planning

    Winter tours, from simple winter walks over a winter hike or snowshoe tour to full-blown winter ascents of climbing routes in the mountains, have their very own ...

    Outdoor clothing: the optimized onion principle

    The onion principle refers to the layering of clothing. The conventional onion principle is not adapted to higher loads.

    Small safety guide climbing

    Climbing is now regarded as the trend hobby par excellence. Whether in halls or outdoors, rock climbing is a dangerous extreme sport that ...