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    10 backpacking essentials

    If you are just starting to hike, you have certainly heard many tips on what you should carry everything. Of course, everyone is ticking differently, but in principle it can be broken down to 10 essentials.

    What is in the daypack in winter?

    In winter, clothing, shoes and other equipment must operate in a wide range of different temperatures, wind, sunshine and rainfall.

    First aid kits

    A backpack pharmacy adapted for the respective purpose of use and the travel destination is unavoidable. But the filling - especially for larger activities or trekking tours ...

    The winter bivouac - a (uber)experience

    Planned winter bivouacs in the mountains are certainly among the most intense outdoor experiences. Here are some tips for planning a winter tour ...

    Packing list for microadventures - in a nutshell

    Microadventures, the little adventures on your doorstep, are a wonderful and slightly crazy affair. Just get out, switch off, experience nature, escape the stress ....

    The 5 most important equipment tips for trekking in Morocco

    Morocco is a wonderful country to experience trekking adventures. In the south of Morocco, in Jebel Sarhro, there are secluded areas and breathtaking landscapes that are discovered ...