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    Shopping guide for winter gear

    The requirements for winter equipment are actually clear: it has to help deal with the cold weather. On the one hand it has to protect against cooling, on the other hand it has to ...

    10 backpacking essentials

    If you are just starting to hike, you have certainly heard many tips on what you should carry everything. Of course, everyone is ticking differently, but in principle it can be broken down to 10 essentials.

    What is in the daypack in winter?

    In winter, clothing, shoes and other equipment must operate in a wide range of different temperatures, wind, sunshine and rainfall.

    Seven tips to stay warm in winter

    Although winter in the lowlands is now coming to an undeserved end, it will hopefully remain cold in the mountains for a while. Therefore...

    The winter bivouac - a (uber)experience

    Planned winter bivouacs in the mountains are definitely one of the most intense outdoor experiences. We have already put together a few tips for planning a winter tour here. Now & #039; s ...

    5 cooking tips in winter

    Ein langer Wintertag in den Bergen sollte mit einem gehaltvollen und vor allem warmen Essen enden. Das Kochen draußen im Winter hat jedoch so...

    The right clothes for the winter adventure

    In the first part of the series of articles on outdoor winter, we laid the foundations for an adventure in snow and ice. Topics were touched upon which were necessary for planning ...

    Dangers in winter and effects on tour planning

    Winter tours, from simple winter walks to winter hikes or snowshoe tours to full-blown winter ascents on climbing routes in the mountains, have a very special magic ...

    Outdoor clothing: the optimized onion principle

    The onion principle refers to the layering of clothing. The conventional onion principle is not adapted to higher loads.