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    Schesaplana with bivouac after the onset of winter

    The Schesaplana 2965 m is the highest mountain in the Rätikon, which still belongs to the Eastern Alps. Directly there also runs the border between Austria and Switzerland; So you can go with one leg in Austria, with the other stay in Switzerland.

    It is winter on Furggeltihorn!

    First snowshoe tour of the season - end of September! With a high bivouac on the snow-covered Furggeltihorn (3043m). The summer has lasted a long time until ...

    June, finally skiing again!

    Soon it will be summer, but there is still snow in the mountains. Fast ski tour to the Flüela Schwarzhorn (3146m).

    Tödi - King of Northeastern Switzerland

    Impressive and long ski tour in perfect conditions on the highest of the Glarus Alps - Tödi (3614m).

    Piz Sarsura - deserted Engadin

    Weather permitting and scarce snow conditions bring us a beautiful and lonely ski tour experience without a view. It's 11pm, we ...

    Ski tour dream in the Engadin

    Powder and deserted snowy valleys lead to the highest mountain of the upper halbstone, the Piz Calderas (3397m).

    First snow tour over the Hochwangkette

    The snow in Switzerland is here. Is it enough for a snowshoe tour / ski tour? From Langwies GR (1317m) up to the Mattjisch Horn (2461m), ...

    Burrs in the Engadin: Piz Julier

    Beautiful day tour from St. Moritz on the Fuorcla Albana and the southeast ridge on the Piz Julier.

    Mountain tour on the Schesaplana

    Long and exhausting mountain hike to the highest Rätikongipfel, the Schesaplana. From Grüsch in Switzerland you go over the Schweizersteig to the summit and over ...
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