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    Wild camping and bivouacing

    Just pitch your tent and enjoy nature? In Germany and Europe this is not allowed everywhere. We give important hints and tips.

    8 tips to survive an unplanned bivouac

    An unplanned bivouac in the mountains can quickly become a disaster. The power goes out, in very adverse circumstances threatens the death by freezing or a crash due to lack of orientation.

    Outdoor Research Helium - comfortable bivy sack in the test

    For a long time I had asked myself the question, if for shorter trips with few overnight stays a luxury bivy bag with linkage would be worthwhile ....

    Twilight bivy bag by Black Diamond in the test

    How do you test a bivy bag? Of course, spending one night on a short trip in the mountains! Curious...

    Geocache round with bivouac sack test

    On Thursday afternoon we went to a small geocaching round and to test the bivi bag Bivibag Storm 1 of Salewa. In order to get the most realistic test environment possible, ...
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