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    Keyword: Appenzell

    A circular route over the Alp Sigel

    Nice hike with many views and a varied area. With a max. Altitude of about 1600m it is a mixture of relaxed hiking with slightly alpine deposit.

    Marwees in two moves

    Overnight stay in the stable It was not until Saturday afternoon by train to Brülisau, from where a steep forest road over ...

    On the Alp Sigel on the Tame Gocht

    At the end of the hiking season it went with perfect conditions on a small tour in the Alpstein. From Brülisau through the Tame Goch on the ...

    The full load of Alpstein

    Finally, this tour plan has been in our treasure chest forever. Once round the entire Alpstein massif in one day. From Wasserauen on the Säntis, over the Lysengrat ...

    The old man just does not like us

    Feverishly, we observe the weather forecast for the Alpstein throughout the week. On Saturday we decide to give it a try: the ascent ...

    Sunday walk in the Appenzell: on the Kronberg

    From the Appenzell train station, drive through lush meadows, sometimes gently, sometimes steeper, in the direction of Scheidegg. To...

    Snow sledge tour in the Alpstein on the Ebenalp

    We will meet the first people at the Forscherstein: a hikers on their way to Appenzell. At the researcher stone himself ...

    Gätterifirst: pink rak

    Alpine-inspired enjoyment climbing in Alpstein in Eastern Switzerland.

    Altmann and Säntis

    What you can experience in 24 hours ... a not quite everyday mountain hike! Altmann Südkamin (... try) and Säntis over the Lysengrat. Friday at quarter past ...
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