Keyword: Ammergau Alps

    Sunset tour to Kramerspitz

    Forty-two - the answer to the question of life, the universe, and all the rest. Forty-two, now for the second year in a row ...

    The Ammergauer Meditation Path

    For exactly one year now I live in Murnau am Staffelsee. I have settled in and settled down. But something is missing: until ...

    Snow gullies and water features at Hörnle

    The guys from Konstanz, my old home, moved here to Murnau for equipment testing and light mountain training. We enjoyed a ...

    Training hill: Ammergauer Hörnle

    #Herndlgehtimma is the hashtag for a popular mountain. The Hörnle - or Herndl - at Bad Kohlgrub * is a lot at the same time: a test piece for ...

    Via Weiblkante on to the Ettaler Manndl

    For a year we were no longer together in the mountains. This should change with a visit to the Ettaler Mandl. Of course not on the boring via ferrata, but rather on a climbing route.
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