Day snowshoe tour on the Piz Kesch

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    Day snowshoe tour on the Piz Kesch

    Day snowshoe tour on the Piz Kesch (3418m)

    We start at three in midnight Madulain (1697m), a small beautiful village in the Upper Engadin. Directly behind the railway line it goes uphill, following the hiking signs towards Chamanna d'Es-cha. Down here, at the end of April, there is no snow left, and the spring-like smell of firs and grasses is rapidly rising. Without the ski boots on the feet and the skis on your back, you can run faster! Through the narrow forest belt you can quickly reach the Alp Es-cha Dadour (2063m), and in the starry sky, we still get dry feet on the Alp Es-cha Dadains (2170m) on. It takes a good hour to get here. We lie down with our mattress and sleeping bag in front of the hut and enjoy the quiet night.

    The alarm clock rings just before 6 o'clock, and relatively well rested there is a bread or bar for breakfast. The sky is blue in places, otherwise a few clouds move around. At about 6:20 am we start walking up the slope behind the hut until we find the path to the Cna d'Es-cha, which soon disappears into the snow. The crust of the crust still wears well, without snowshoes it is about the Muot Ot (P. 2562) to the sunlit Cna d'Es-cha, Here we make breakfast break again, we sit in the middle of the cloud hole, and the rocky structure of Piz Kesch juts into the blue sky. The hut is still closed, but is beautiful on its terrace! Soon we continue, we fasten the snow shoes on, and following old ski tracks we reach the in about 1-1,5 hours Porta d'Es-cha, Shortly before reaching the steep section, a very steep hand has to be crossed, which is quite tricky in the avalanche situation. Then it is best not to take the trail but the one through the Plazzettaa small high valley. The last fifteen meters up to the porta you pull out the skis, we trudge with the snowshoes the existing (small) kicks up. The snow is getting sultry, and you sink well.

    Once at the top, the view opens to the north on a huge sea of clouds over all the mountains north of the Engadin, the madness. Unlike last time here, when two of us have seen virtually nothing, now the ascent route is clearly ahead of us. On the Porchabellagletscher it goes fast and easy uphill, until we leave our luggage at about 3200m and direction Northeast Ridge go. As it splits, we put on the crampons and follow the footprints in the still solid snow steeply. Now it is still so 150 meters. There is still a lot of snow, we just have to scramble over rocks twice. At a larger rock band we secure the existing bolts, with the 60-meter rope you get far ahead. I make sure of a rock cone, and over a short snow flake is the Summit (P. 3418) reached quickly. He still has no summit cross, but only a wooden stick.

    It is now 10 o'clock, from the Porta d'Es-cha it took us just over an hour to reach the summit.

    We stand above the clouds, which envelop the peaks in all directions, but not here. A bright blue sky and only a light breeze gives a relaxed and beautiful summit feeling. Through the clouds you can see Piz Palü, Piz Bernina, and to the east Piz Linard and a few peaks of the Rätikon. Nobody else is on the way. We practice some rope handling on a summit ridge until we get back on the way down after half an hour. If we have the rope with us, we can also rappel over the steeper parts. In no time at all, you are back down under the snowshoes, and clouds are already pulling over the needle and covering the summit. One after the other, we walk down the short distance to our depot, where various bars of chocolate are broken open. Here it is really warm now, although the sun does not bang like that anymore.

    The snowpack is not wearing as it was during the ascent, and we are happy about the snowshoes as we make our way down the river at half past twelve Porchabellagletscher do. You quickly passed the rocky island on the right and reached the glacier tongue. But you do not get that with snow. If you keep to the far right, you have no problems with columns. The view sweeps over a small elevation on which the Keschhütte stands and looks in the background at the Sertig and the Scalettapass. This is a beautiful landscape of high valleys, passes and lakes, which reaches as far as Davos.

    We turn left into the valley, which leads to Chants. Due to the ever softer snow, it is now fast downhill. Now and then we stop and enjoy the sun's rays, which now shine down again. About half way up the snow gets pitted and we take off the snowshoes. Continue on the trail, we reach the first trees and are soon in front of the houses of Chants (1822m), This is a small settlement on the valley divide of Val Tuors. At the moment there does not seem to be much going on, and without meeting a soul, we head for Bergün after a short well stay. Now it only means to run down kilometers on the snow-free road. After about 1-1,5 hours you reach the bridge of the Rhaetian Railway and five minutes later the train station of Bergün.

    Without hut use long mountain hike on a very dominant lookout mountain, a pleasure in all seasons. Now in the transitional period best with snowshoes. Key points are the Porta d'Es-cha as a steep upswing (but installed chain), and the summit structure (in the summer difficult climb, tricky in winter depending on snow conditions). If avalanche hazard, then only at the key points. Ascent 1800m (from Madulain), descent 2100m (to Bergün). Reachable top with the Rätische Bahn.



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