Swiss Advance Ultralight pocket knife

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    Swiss Advance Ultralight pocket knife

    Well, a knife test at That must be something special. Of course it is also a 38-gram toolbox for your pocket: the Swiss Advance pocket knife Crono!

    Inspired by the knife test at OutdoorBlog "The perfect knife for hiking"I thought about what I'm doing - and I remembered the very nice acquaintance with Peter at the OutDoor2013 in Friedrichshafen again.

    Peter, adventurer, mastermind and chief designer of Swiss Advance, comes from Switzerland, and moreover from aviation. You can easily notice both of these products: functional, well thought-out and lightweight and reduced to the essentials. That's why his Swiss Advance pocket knife has become an indispensable companion on my tours. It is almost no easier, more comfortable and more practical.

    The pocket knife

    Was inspired Peter Of course, from the Swiss Army knife - but that was too difficult for him. So he sat down at the desk and at the workbench and developed his own version. He left the handle, reduced material where it went, continued to reduce the weight of the knife. The result was, after a long development time, the pocket knife "Crono".

    The Crono is geared towards the parachute and paragliding sport, and in addition to the knife edge, also has many other functions: a nail puller, cable sheather, cm gauge, square and hexagon in various sizes, knives, lancing and sewing tool, screwdriver, bottle opener, fish scaler. Even a fork is included.

    By consistently omitting Peter was able to trim the weight to 38 grams. Nevertheless, you have a small toolbox with you, but it hardly matters.

    (Thanks again, Peter, for the test product and the nice conversation!)

    Photo of Swiss Advance.



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