"Sweet Moment" taken off the market

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    "Sweet Moment" taken off the market

    Update December 2018: there is an alternative in the supermarket: the Soulwarmer!

    Oh no! The savior in distress, the cheer in the cold, "Sweet Moment" by dr. Oetker was actually taken off the market!

    The practical thing was that you had to mix the stuff so only with hot water and finished the extra calorie boost. Actually, I always had a few bags of it in my backpack to put a smile on unsuspecting companions in the face, when after a long day the mood was somewhat depressed. Is that supposed to be that?

    The successor to the sweet moment seems to be "My moment", but it takes for its preparation just milk. Sure, milk powder you have on longer tours maybe, but only for the hot chocolate kick in the evening, I will certainly carry no milk powder. Does anyone have an alternative from the supermarket ready?

    Update 4.1.2012:

    Of course, I have since investigated, and just came the answer:

    Unfortunately, we no longer offer the desired dessert. Demand was too low to ensure cost-effective production in the long run. We also find this a pity. Please understand that we must comply not least with the wishes of the majority of our customers. 

    Update 19.12.2013:

    Also the sweet Kick was taken out of the assortment, quote from the company mail:

    Thank you for your request. The above product was taken out of the range due to insufficient demand.

    Alternatives and sources of supply 

    A dear reader, Alexandra, did some research and found the following alternatives:

    She was also trying on herself: 

    Today, however, I made a deliciously delicious cold chocolate with water out of pure cocoa powder (eg from Cailler). The trick is to dissolve the powder! For this you have to mix it with warm water to a lump-free paste, which you then at will with cold milk or water, and if you like that, milk powder, further processed. You can mix the paste at home, pack it minuscule, take it with you, and then have what is good, give energy, and still be healthy! (However, I would only test it out at home!). Incidentally, this paste can also be mixed with banana sauce, ... mmmh! crumbled Mou Caramel, and or crumbled biscuits scattered over it, ... - Possibilities are just so varied with Bananas. (Do not forget the black bananas packed à la Pemmican).

    Update December 2018: there is an alternative in the supermarket: the Soulwarmer!



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