Sunday walk in the Appenzell: on the Kronberg

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    Sunday walk in the Appenzell: on the Kronberg

    A good weather window promises sunshine in the afternoon! This is enough to stretch your legs and for a small fitness tour on the Kronberg (1663m) in the beautiful Appenzellerland.

    From the Appenzell train station, drive through lush meadows, sometimes gently, sometimes steeper, in the direction of Scheidegg. After a few minutes, I'm getting quite into panting and sweating, the last weeks at the desk are obviously noticeable. It's also pretty hot - for me, this is the hottest day so far this year (good, except in Valparaiso, because it was hotter).

    Slowly we rise and are glad to reach a cool grove soon. Further, further and further, the path pulls up, the first 600 meters of altitude are soon made. At the top of the ridge, a few kilometers farther on, you cross a small moor, and the barbeque area is teeming with good-humored groups. The way is, in this weather, well done, but not crowded.

    Up and down it goes to the chapel St. Jakob. Here we rest briefly and turn stones into a "&" - our support for the DKMS campaign. From St. Jakob it is still about half an hour and the summit is reached! Above, we watch the paragliders learn how to lift off. They receive instructions from the teacher via radio, we find this quite exciting and let us down for a hearty snack.

    Much later, it should not have been, because over there in the Alpstein it draws mighty, deep hanging and rumbling dark storm clouds. Wonderful to look at, but really do not feel like a wet and slippery descent. It freshened noticeably, we forgave ourselves for a quick coffee mountain restaurant, Cheese scent, Quöllfrösch, coffee. Hach, how beautiful is the Appenzell!

    We descend quickly to the north, after about two hours we reach Jakobsbad and get tired but satisfied on the train. We barely sit, it starts to rain thick, heavy drops. Everything done right, a wonderful day comes to an end.

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