Sunshine over the sea of clouds: Spitzmeilen

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    Sunshine over the sea of clouds: Spitzmeilen

    In the Sea of Clouds: Ski tour on the Spitzmeilen (2501m) and Wissmilen (2483m). Best weather and hard descent.


    Since the ski tickets are not cheaper with the new franc exchange on the Flumserberg, we start from the Prodalp (1589m) a ski tour in the valley of the Schilstal. The goal is primarily the Spitzmeilen, where we are curious about the conditions in the summit channel. After a long evening, the four hours of sleep are of course enough :-).

    On trail and winter hiking trail it goes leisurely a few miles straight, the winter forest shines wonderfully under his white dress, and slowly the sun is also showing. After a while we reach the lift station from Panüöl (1803m), here is already operation. We drink our brandy and hit the sunscreen in the face. Do not come home with a red face! In light up and down, then go on, the Alphäuser of Fursch (1792m) always in view. So far you have already made good track, but not really altitude. They are being attacked now, the clouds in the back. The way to Spitzmeilenhütte is marked with red poles and very relaxed with a good track. In about 1.5 hours from the Alp we reach as said Hut (2087m). Meanwhile, the cloud ceiling is just above us, and we hope it does not continue to rise and we have no prospects in the end.

    After a cold bread and firefighting, continue straight ahead towards the pass between Wissmilen and Spitzmeilen. The detour via the hut does not have to be taken, but we have time and this architecture is definitely worth a visit. We follow a good track and meet immediately before the steep slope to the other. On top of the pass, the wind blows in our faces, and the sun pops. Good that it did not snow here last night, then there are at least no new drift snow accumulations! We leave the skis here and set out on foot on the way. The summit of the Spitzmeilen is south side crossed, then on the Südrippe up to the rock (signpost) and on the East Side crossed to half. A snowy trail is to be guessed. Here begins the fun, in good tread it goes up the initially pleasant groove. When this one splits just before the summit, two of us are very happy about their pimples, we others make our hands cold ... The chain (s) from the summer are under the snow and are no help. We are glad when we are at the top of the Spitzmeilen (2501m) stand and enjoy the panorama around us.

    Above the clouds …

    The cloud cap is at about 2200m. The top meters of the Churfirsten are just so out, the Säntis is at eye level. The southern valleys are all hidden under clouds. The ski resort gets only on Leist a little sun. So: everything done right! 🙂

    No one is bothered about the descent, here again concentration is needed. The rock on the edge is only partially helpful, the colleague lets one stone almost fly to another. Once in the slope we come down first and relax protected from the wind in the warm sun. Quickly we are back at the ski depot and quickly climb up to the Wissmilen (2483m). Here we spend as long as possible, we could actually all take a nap. But the descent is waiting, and after half an hour we get ready lazily. However, after the first swing in the northeastern (steep) summit we are all wide awake! Here, the supposed powder has a solid lid, there is powder on a brittle surface and again elsewhere, the snow is icy. Here everyone gets their fat, and we call the snow conditions as "interesting". Relaxed is something else, but that would be boring. We dodge one of the many channels down to the flat Mietbödenwhere the wind did not work that way. We are cruising in the clouds in the direction of Fursch and reach the alpine huts, which lie under the thin cloud cover and are probably not so popular today.

    Under the clouds ...

    Here it says again: start, because first it goes slightly uphill. The path meets the slopes of the ski area, which comes down from the Leist. We drive down to the tug, up with the tug, down to Panüöl, Here it says: Piste closed to Prodalp. Too bad, in that case we can use the ski lifts for free to get there. So we get a little artificial snow under the slats, before we in the finest powder the slopes behind the Prodalp alongcruisen, a warming Lumumba in prospect!



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