So you will be fit for the Wanderherbst

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    So you will be fit for the Wanderherbst

    (Advertising) The next hiking holiday is already at the door? Especially when the summer comes to an end, more and more nature lovers go out into the countryside. Hiking tourism is increasing among the Germans year for year on - we love to run. But those who want to enjoy hiking should prepare their body and mind for the effort. Here are our tips on how best to prepare for your next (maybe the first?) Hike.

    1. Start now to run

    It's never too late to start training. Before a walking holiday, it is important to adjust the body slowly to the physical effort. Start today with the first run and increase from week to week. Very important: always leave one day in between to relax your muscles. The training, ie the growth of the muscles, takes place only in the breaks between the training stimuli.

    The goal for a beginner is to be able to walk 4 to 6 hours without exerting too much effort. It should be trained both in different terrain (uphill!), As well as in different weather situations to include the psyche with in the training. Walks with your hiking equipment in training, so you will discover problems with it or uncomfortable things before the actual tour.

    2. Train the core and your legs

    Not only stamina, strength also plays a crucial role in running. Sports such as cycling, football, squash or swimming are ideal and a welcome alternative to the gym. If you prefer equipment, you should focus on your legs, stomach and back, because a strong center helps to carry the backpack and balance. Small but fine additional tip: stairs instead of elevator!

    A pro tip for those who are already a little further: the book "Training for the New Alpinism"Is a successful all-round hit through the entire world of training for mountain and endurance athletes.

    3. The art of the right running

    That's right, you also have to learn how to walk. Walking and jogging have a lot in common here. We have been running since we were born, but various newfangled factors (eg shoes) make us mistake.

    Take a closer look and feel: do you touch the ground with the heel first when hiking and then gently roll over all your toes? What is the difference between "uphill" and "downhill"? Sometimes walking is the best option.

    While running, you should rather center or, at higher speeds, even completely on the bales. The hard strokes that ring through the whole body during the "hoeing" are not good for the joints and muscles. Also make sure that your back is straight, your head is relaxed, relaxed and level, and your shoulders are relaxed and fall backwards.

    4. The right nutrition is the alpha and omega

    If you want to be fit, then you should follow a balanced diet before the hike. The right number of carbohydrates, fat, minerals and liquids is crucial. On the day of the hike, a rich breakfast is especially recommended.

    Smoking should be avoided, especially during hiking. Also in breaks. Smoking restricts the oxygen supply tremendously. You can fall back on alternatives like snus. The smoke-free tobacco from Scandinavia is already available in over 20 flavors, During the hike, enough water is also important, as a snack nuts, dried fruits or cereal bars are optimal.

    5. What your equipment says about you

    When your body is fit, the right equipment will decide on the rest. High quality, optimally adjusted and run in hiking boots are of course the most important thing. A well-fitting backpack and breathable clothing contribute to the hiking success. The nature in the mountains is unpredictable, so rainproof clothing is a must. We also recommend using hiking poles. These are not only great ascent aids, but also ensure good balance and train with the rest of the body.

    You will see, your equipment will change with your skills. The materials will be get lighterthe more you are used to dealing with it.

    Hiking is sport - to guarantee the best experience, preparation, training, technique, nutrition and equipment are essential components. If you follow these 5 tips, nothing can go wrong on the next hike, and you could enjoy nature without obstacles to the full!



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