Ski tour weekend in Rofan - Seekarlspitze

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    Ski tour weekend in Rofan - Seekarlspitze

    Beautiful summit, which is usually not as crowded as the Rofanspitze. You can also combine both peaks. Then you first go to the Rofanspitze, underneath the Rossköpfe and climb to the Seekarlspitze. The descent goes through the steep gully. This one has a beautiful and varied "round trip" in the Rofan. As the avalanche danger at the last crossing to the Rofanspitze over steep grassy slopes was too tricky on our weekend, we decided only for the Seekarlspitze. So we were back on time for lunch Erfurt hut, and escaped the increasing risk in the afternoon and the slushy snow.


    From the Erfurt hut or the mountain station you drive downhill for a short time and then you walk to above the Mauritzalm. Then you follow the beginner slope in the direction of the northeast until the free ski area begins. Now you make a wide right-left curve, then a short steep step into a depression north of the Haidachstellwand. Then you continue up to the beginning of the large valley in front of the Grubalacke. Now it goes up very steep left, then continue along the steep slopes to the northwest. Keep a safe distance here! Some put their skis on their backs to better climb up the steep section. The snow is so deep and the switchbacks sometimes very steeply interspersed with stones, so that the short piece for many tourers is a small challenge. Then it goes on comfortable on the broad back by mountain pine on. On the eastern slopes of the Spieljoch you can see many overhanging branches, from which one should keep a good safety distance!

    In the gutter on the left one sees razor-sharp demolition edges of worn-out snowboards.

    From here you continue northwards to the beginning of the summit slope. This is very wide and we already find a nice ascent track in serpentines. At the top there is a small commemorative cross, an impressive view and even a small bench. What a luxury up here! During the ascent you have moved out more and more, but up here whistles the wind and the hands are cold when scuffing. Even if the view to the Rofanspitze is very nice and you really want to take a picture, you should not step too far forward. Because you stand on a great path. We quickly throw in a chocolate bar and get back on the way back.

    Departure (about 40 minutes downhill with short climbs and photo stops)

    You can follow the ascent route again, or after the summit slope, turn left to the east through a wide hollow to the valley below the Krahnsattel, before the Grubalacke. Here also runs up a climb track that bypasses the steep passage at the beginning of the sink, but instead leads over several hollows and crests through the valley. At the end of the valley you have two short climbs, until you drive down again towards the ski area. Here we enjoy the vastness of this depression, surrounded by so many peaks.

    A variant, but you should leave only in very safe conditions:

    After the summit slope continue south around a hilltop, then keep right into a steep gully east of the south back, which leads up to the Spieljoch. The gully is initially very steep (we've already seen avalanches leaked as mentioned above) and it ends again in the initial ascent trail.




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