Ski tour weekend in the Rofan - ascent to the Erfurter hut

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    Ski tour weekend in the Rofan - ascent to the Erfurter hut

    Modified piste kit tour

    At the Valley station of the Rofan cable car you can relax on a bench. From here you walk up the street to the upper parking lot. Here begins the slope of the valley run. Follow this until you reach a small bridge. After the bridge we decide to turn left onto the summer hiking path into the forest and not for the boring, narrow valley descent route. Everyone can decide for themselves what they prefer.

    Now we walk through quiet, lonely forest. You walk along a stream, cross it several times and then have to "climb" the sometimes tight serpentines and steep hiking trails with your skis. Those who have rather long skis and want to protect their edges should avoid this path. But today we are looking for the challenge, even if we often slip backwards and curse now and then. A big advantage, here we quickly make height!

    As soon as you come out of the forest, you are almost on the sun terrace of the beautiful, rustic Buchauer Alm (1385m), Behind the pasture you follow the ski slope to the Valley station of the Mauritz chairlift, Here you have the choice again: either you follow the steep black slope on the right (at the end of the steep slope), or you can choose the normal slope to the left Erfurt hut.

    We choose the normal track, because it gets extremely wide up. That's not how the departing skiers bother you and we do not. Walk towards the imposing Dalfazer cliffs. Once you have arrived on the high plateau, you can see the Erfurt hut on the right from the back. Because only when you go behind the house, opens up the fantastic wide and deep view karwendel, the Inn Valley and of course the Achensee.

    If you do not spend the night, the slopes run off as in the ascent variant.

    We want to use the high starting point the following day for a nice ski tour and spend the night in the bunk "Bivouac I", the beautifully renovated dormitory of the hut. I'll let you know where it went next report.




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