Ski tour dream in the Engadin

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    Ski tour dream in the Engadin

    Powder and deserted snowy valleys lead to the highest mountain of the upper halbstone, the Piz Calderas (3397m).

    The lonely Val Bever

    Finally a ski tour! After the long cold, it barely keeps me at home, we take the train to the Engadine and arrive there at 11 pm Spinas (1816m) on. This suburb of Bever consists practically only of the Bahnhofshausschen, an alp, a restaurant and a playground. Now in December, this is rather deserted here, only the brook rushes cheerfully in his bed. With new equipment to test (GPS device, trekking backpack), and the skis on the backpack are about to start. The hiking trail into the Val Bever following we run from about 1900m on a closed blanket of snow. The 15 cm fresh snow of the last days is powdery as the cold temperatures after the fall, down below makes us a hard surface to walk with the hiking boots. From P. 2049 expands the valley and over the meadows of Plaun Pitschen and Plaun Grand we reach after 2 hours the alpine buildings of Zembers da Suvretta (2145m), Here we turn on the lights first, until now we could walk in the full moon shining through the clouds. The mattresses and sleeping bags are set up quickly, and after I've crumpled my dinner in the sleeping bag, we fall asleep quickly.

    When it gets light, we store all unnecessary belongings on the Alpe and make our skis on the long journey through the lonely Val Bever. In constant ups and downs it goes past the Alpe Tegia d'Val (2254m), along the bed of Beverin. The clouds are clearing more and more, a few peaks are already illuminated. The Jenatsch Hut (2652m) After just over 2 hours we reach a bend in the valley and a short climb to its rock base. The hut is currently in hibernation, it is also nobody in the winter room. We leave them on the left and begin the actual ascent.

    The Oberhalbstein

    After about a mile, we turn sharply to the left, straight ahead it would continue to Piz d'Err. First on the edge and then on the harmless Vadret Calderas it goes steeper at its orographic right edge up. The rocks at about 3000m are bypassed above and we reach in the most beautiful sunshine, the large flat glacier surface to approx. 3100m. We marvel at the towering panorama over the Sursés Valley, which itself is hidden under a cloud cover. We feel the altitude already more, and also the many kilometers that we have walked through the valley. Nevertheless, the goal is in sight. We work around P. 3166 on the left and climb in the steep SO flank of the summit in a few hairpin bends. Here is a bit more powder on the icy ground, which sometimes lets us slip off exhausting. Arrived on the south back, we soon make ski depot and trudge the remaining meters to the summit on foot. There is not enough snow here to go down without stone contact, otherwise you can ski practically wonderfully from the summit.

    From the hut we needed about 3.5 hours for the ascent. If you only go there and is accordingly fit, it will definitely be faster.

    The panorama from Piz Calderas (3397m) is outstanding, to the north we see the Glarus Alps, the Schesaplana, the Silvretta, further in the east Ortler and in the south the good old known Bernina massif. That too Patagonia of SwitzerlandThe mountains in Bergell are clearly visible. The valleys are under a thick cloud cover, but we should cream ourselves up here. We can not believe it, there is really NO ONE else on the way, we have perfect conditions, weather and no wind.

    First departure of the year

    Back at the ski depot, the skis are quickly flattened, and you go down the slopes one after the other. We do not pack, finally skiing again! After all, the last ski tour was on 1st of June! We drive to the left of P. 3166 and to the right of P. 3084 passing, which leads in a wide channel to the lower part of the glacier and we reach the flat section in front of the hut way too fast. That's it, the rest is still free. But what a!

    At the hut you can leave again nice, before the Val Bever is flat again and we slide sliding and long running along the valley floor. At some point we put on the skins and run back to the Alpe da Suvretta. Here the sun is just setting in behind the mountains, it is getting cold and we are looking back at the distant summit destination (that hides behind the mountains :)). We pack our things together, skate the skis and glide across the wide meadows and the alpine road to about 1900m. A couple of times we have to unbuckle, but you can still make much faster progress. As the snow cover stops, it is pitch dark and fog surrounds us. We turn on the headlamps, walk the kilometer to the train station and sit down happily in the train station. A successful and very long ski tour!



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