Skitour to Schöntalspitze

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    Skitour to Schöntalspitze

    From the parking lot at the inn, it goes on a recognizable way to the southwest. After the second turn, you leave the path that ends at a water reservoir and ascend a steep slope to the west. With appropriate snow conditions one can follow a footpath, which likewise leads steeply along the edge at the southern edge of the slope. After a few meters you reach an alpine meadow, which you climb to the south, up to the tree line.

    Once you pass a narrow space between trees. Without losing any height, you cross a ditch into the Schöntal in the south. Here you climb steeply on a moraine ridge or between the moraine ridge and the striking, the valley bounding south Schöntalwänden, in turns to the west uphill. The morning sun behind makes the mountain range shine. Until here, three avalanches that have come down make it difficult for us to climb.

    Cross two terrains until you reach the end of the valley at about 2800m. Now you walk easily in the southwest up the summit slope. Depending on the circumstances, the ski depot will be set up after only a few vertical meters. In favorable conditions you can climb up the steep slope with skis up to half.

    Departure like climb. On the descent you can follow in the lower part, where you get to the Schöntal, the valley south of the broadening brook trench. Until you come to the summer path of Westfalenhaus. Follow this path through a short wooded area to the water reservoir, where you meet the ascent again.


    The Schöntalspitze is in good weather a beautiful view summit. From the top you have an insight into the tour areas of the Westfalenhaus and the Neue Pforzheimer Hütte. On the western slopes you have a steep climb and downhill. After several sunny days and cold nights, breakage is to be expected. The ascent from the ski depot to the summit cross can be arduous due to the injected snow and the slippery underground, but is very worthwhile.



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