Ski tour to the Zäunlkopf in the Karwendelgebirge

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    Ski tour to the Zäunlkopf in the Karwendelgebirge

    Commercial landscape!

    Due to the avalanche situation the day before, we spontaneously decided on this largely avalanche - safe ski tour to the Zäunlkopf Karwendelgebirge, A tour that surprises us, because the tour description was rather unspectacular ...

    We start at the former valley station of the Mühlberglift and follow the old ski slope south. Although it is reforested, one recognizes the formerly wide open area but still good. We are met by a winter-proof tractor, who has just leveled the toboggan run. This toboggan run we cross several times on our climb and follow it at the end of the ski slope in a left turn up to the former mountain station (Wooden hut) at 1250m. Here you will find the summer hiking sign to the Zäunlkopf and follow it down to the left into a small depression. The forest becomes denser here and you can always see the way markings on the tree trunks up to the first summit. It goes up again, sometimes flat and again down a bit.

    You climb up on a wide back to the lunch head (1636m). We almost walked over this "summit" because there is no cross or any other summit mark. But a nice local, elderly man who has been following us for a quarter of an hour, tells us where we are at the moment and how it goes on.

    He thinks he will come with us when we track down, since he can not do that anymore. Because the guys still have enough energy, we are happy to continue together.

    From here you look already direction Zäunlkopf on the first climb, which is still in front of it. Here we have now reached the tree line and hope for a clear view of the Zäunlkopf. But before that you have to do it again two climbs through very deep snow. Fortunately, the snow buries the mountain pine among us, and we only slip once on their slippery branches or stay in it with our skis. In the nick you can easily go down with the skins. Then you see in front of you, in the middle one narrow groovewhich climbs up to some trees. We follow this, so as not to have to step aside. The Schneelange, the cloudless sky, the calm and the steepness in the gutter, an enormously sweaty venture! Now it goes flat in the direction summit marking, Here, the snow is so deep that we break hip-deep with every step. It would have been less power-consuming to keep the skis up for the break and also for photo walks with a radius of 3 meters, should you not forget the sticks! We build a comfortable "ski bank" and enjoy the sun-rich vision.

    We drive again roughly following the ascent. Here you have to decide if you want to ski for the two small runs, or even make it with skins. Because the hollows from the summit rise you have to run up again now, of course. And they are so steep that you can not pack them without skins.

    The older ski tourer chooses the steep slopes, which fall north to Scharnitz. He advises us rather from it, because they are very steep and he already knows them well. We do not regret the choice, because with the deep snow you have more than fun through the forest! Only the small intermediate ascents on the descent, halfway up, make us quite exhausted with the deep snow and the blazing sun.

    Largely avalanche safe, since the tour leads through dense forest. Departure is not easy and more rewarding for technically experienced skiers. If you're lucky, you'll also find a trail as the summit is actually a very popular destination throughout the winter. Since the two summit slopes are very densely covered with mountain pine trees, it is better to go with a lot of snow to be able to "on" the bushes. Due to the deep fresh snow and toe-in, we finally need 3 hours for the ascent, with several small stops.
    In any case, the efforts are made by the varied landscape and the impressive views of the Bavarian Alpine foothills in the direction of Mittenwald, the Wetterstein Mountains, on the Hohe Mund and of course the peaks of the Karwendelgebirge repeatedly paid.

    Note avalanche situation report!




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