SKINS - running clothes with compression

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    SKINS - running clothes with compression

    Sports clothing with compression is on everyone's lips, or on many bodies. We took a closer look at the parts from SKINS.

    What does compression promise?

    Compression clothing promises above all an improved circulation of the compressed body parts. The pressure on the skin stimulates the body to send more blood, which of course leads to an improved blood circulation and thus to more oxygen, but also to the faster removal of breakdown products.

    The second advantage is that the muscles are somewhat tightened, so do not bounce back and forth, which in turn prevents muscle fatigue and soreness due to reduced vibrations.

    The clothes: tights and shirt

    SKINS provided me with a complete outfit. So I've been traveling a good 50 kilometers. The outfit includes the A400 Starlight Tights and the A400 Starlight Longsleeve, both from the SKINS 400 series. The compression has different "levels", so depending on the body part and movement, it regulates the increased oxygen demand. SKINS calls this Dynamic Gradient Compression and Muscle Focusing. Who wants to deal with it, I recommend the well-made overview on the Website of SKINS.

    Both parts have reflective elements, so that you are well seen in training in the dark, for sufficient UV protection is also taken care of.


    The parts are pleasantly taut, without any feeling that they are being squeezed together and yet supported. Ventilated, they are excellent, the material dissipates the sweat very well to the outside, resulting in a pleasant cooling of the body. That's why I chill out quite quickly at cold temperatures, but that stops when I'm at operating temperature. The seams are either glued or executed as A-seam, nothing rubs and lubricates the skin, and also running with a backpack goes well with the shirt.

    Only when you take off the shirt you have to dislocate a little, but if you pull up the back first, then pull over the head, is also the undressing quite well, even in the wet state.


    It is arguable whether high-tech clothing is necessary in my current state of training. The parts are pleasant to wear, and finally the psychological effect is not to be despised. At any rate, I feel a lot more relaxed and supportive while running, and I also think the regeneration after a longer run is faster. I would say: technology and psychology go hand in hand - and what makes faster is good!



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