Seven climbing routes for beginners and advanced in and around Fiss / Tyrol

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    Seven climbing routes for beginners and advanced in and around Fiss / Tyrol

    (Advertising) There are moments when it needs to be a little more than "just" hiking or cycling. If you want to experience a real outdoor adventure, you need the little adrenaline rush to feel life again. In Fiss, Tyrol, there are corresponding climbing routes that offer just that. However, beginners and advanced users should plan the project well, because: Some climbing routes are only for real professionals.

    Note the level of difficulty - to correctly assess your own abilities

    The difficulty levels of the climbing routes in Fiss (and in many other regions that invite you to climb) are marked using the UIAA system. The difficulty ranges from I for the easiest climbing to XII, which describes routes that are so demanding that only a handful of professionals can climb them. In the Fiss region, you can find routes that extend to difficulty level VII (highly demanding trails).

    Beginners should go here until difficulty level III, since from this point already medium difficulties occur. But also routes with a difficulty of I beginners should not start without securing the rope - and who is not afraid of heights, should not even start to climb.

    Advanced learners may be more confident and tackle even higher difficulty levels. However, it is difficult to draw the line: while levels III and IV should not be a problem, one or the other advanced at level V pushes its limits - and for the other is exactly the perfect choice to explore your own maximum. However, longer alpine climbing routes are a big challenge. Here a healthy self-assessment is crucial.

    Four climbing routes for beginners

    A real feeling of climbing sets in especially where the environment is natural - and that is especially the case in climbing parks and climbing walls. In Fiss and immediate surroundings, the climbing park St. Georgen Rappenwand is worth a visit. Here are 19 climbing routes for beginners, advanced and professionals. There are no routes of difficulty level I:

    1. The easiest path is awarded the difficulty level II. However, even children are still behind. However, a three-point attitude is required to master the route. Even beginners should first of all try their luck before they become more confident.
    2. A bit more challenging is the climbing route called "Murmeli Rock". Difficulty level III makes the trail a bit more challenging. Vertical passages make the five meters in total a small show of strength.
    3. The Berta 1 ascent is also rated at difficulty level III, but is ten meters long, twice as much as the Murmeli Rock route.
    4. Also ten meters and a difficulty level III wait on the Murmeli Trail for courageous climbers.

    These four routes are relatively easy to master in the safe environment of the climbing park St. Georgen. If this is too boring for you, and if you have already gained some experience, there are more climbing routes with higher levels of difficulty awaiting you.

    Three climbing routes for advanced skiers

    Climbing routes of difficulty IV are suitable for advanced skiers. In the climbing park St. Georgen wait five pieces. Three of them are especially popular:

    1. The shortest IV climbing route is called "Drhuam en route" - just ten meters long, but it comes with greater difficulties that can only be overcome with appropriate climbing experience.
    2. Longer is the route "Wanderbare Heimat" with 17 meters in length. It is lighter overall, but equally exhausting due to the length. Without intermediate backups, nothing works here either.
    3. The climbing route "Mountain Rescue" makes the name for the program. Anyone who tries his luck here without experience and is not trained accordingly, will quickly reach its limits - and without mountain rescue no longer up to know.

    Climbing is probably the supreme discipline in the mountains of the Fiss region, Tyrol. Especially beginners should not go without the help of professional and experienced guides on the numerous routes - and even advanced users are well advised, if you plan your tour well and do not overestimate the skills. So the climbing tour becomes an unforgettable and beautiful experience.

    Guest author Michael Pregenzer is ambitious CEO of 4 star Hotel Gebhard in Fiss / Tyrol. Good sleep, good food and wellness are the guiding principles that accompany him in his daily dealings with his guests and employees.

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