Seegang fast paced - premium hiking trail on Lake Constance

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    Seegang fast paced - premium hiking trail on Lake Constance

    Premiumwanderweg Seegang

    On Lake Constance a new hiking trail was opened in 2014, the "Seegang". It leads between Constance and Überlingen through the lovely landscape of the Überlanger lake, the almost fjord-like and partly still undeveloped northern part of Lake Constance. On the shores of Lake Constance, passing through forests, orchards, vineyards and cultural treasures, the tour takes you for about 53 kilometers through one of Germany's most beautiful landscapes.

    Constance, six o'clock, dry and the hair is sitting 

    The official start of the route is about four minutes walk from my door! On Sunday morning, still in the dark at six o'clock, we meet at the street corner of the Seestraße and march straight on. We want to see if the sea with its 53km and four stages can be hiked in one day.

    Wanderweg Seegang: Morgendämmerung in Konstanz
    Seegang hiking trail: Dawn in Constance

    The lake in the sunrise is just gorgeous! Flowing through the happiness of being able to live here, we walk along the shore to the Hörnle, and even further until the Ferry dock Staad, We have a decent pace and are so involved in discussions that we make the turn to the official route over the University miss. We just go along the shore, at the latest at the Mainau Island We meet again on the sea.

    I have never experienced the flower island of Mainau so calmly, it is just before eight o'clock and only a few employees get ready for the Sunday rush. We go fast.

    Beschilderung der Vier Länder Region Bodensee zum Wanderweg Seegang
    Signage of the hiking path sea state

    After another short intercourse in Litzelstetten we are on our way again, now through the forest Bodanrück leads. Above of Dingelsdorf, at kilometer 15, we pause briefly and enjoy our breakfast with lake view.

    Pause bei Dingelsdorf
    Break at Dingelsdorf

    Shortly afterwards we decide in Wallhausento take another break. During a coffee in the village shop, an entertaining conversation develops with a quaint and knowledgeable artist, who has a lot to tell about the history of the village, the Bodanrück and its castle ruins and even Lake Constance. The farewell turns out to be a little tedious, he still has so much to tell, but today we still want to go to Überlingen and have only managed a third of the way!

    Riverside and Marienschlucht

    The riverside path from Wallhausen to Bodman is closed. It was only recently that a tragic accident happened, when after days of rain in the Marienschlucht the slope slipped and a woman buried beneath her. Since then, the Seegang hiking trail has been diverted and now leads above the actually beautiful riverside path.

    It has been dry for days, and since I know the riverside path quite well, we decide to try anyway. Very carefully and as quickly as possible, we are traversing some heavy washouts that are actually not feasible for regular walkers. On the other hand, there are already clear path traces. Well, again, I would not do that, but with the goal of creating over 50 kilometers in one day, you may also be taking unnecessary risks.

    Wanderweg Seegang: der Uferweg zwischen Wallhausen und der Marienschlucht
    The riverside path between Wallhausen and Marienschlucht
    Wanderweg Seegang: Pause kurz vor Bodman
    Just before Bodman

    Behind the Marienschlucht the way is open again, and we tell the way to some tourists, or we send them back. Again we leave the official route and stay on the shore until Bodmanninstead of hiking over the golf course above Bodanrück. So we also leave out a visit to the Bison parlor Bodenwald and the castle ruins Altbodman.

    Wanderweg Seegang: Das Schloss Bodman
    The castle Bodman

    Just when we arrive at the promenade in Bodman, it starts to rain. We flee under the umbrellas of a small restaurant right on the lake. Frustrated, we stare at the lake. Of course, we do not have a rain jacket with us. Two liters of water, some granola bars, gels and a long-sleeved T-shirt for the evening, that's all. Fast and light stop.

    Wanderweg Seegang: Regenpause in Bodman
    Rain break in Bodman

    Just when we come to terms with stopping the tour and trying again, it's clearing up again!

    You have to have (weather) luck 

    The weather gods are merciful to us. As a thank you, we march on and are happy to see that we have already made halfway the way. Now it is clear: we will definitely make it to Überlingen! Through the reed between Bodmann and Ludwigshafen leads a beautiful hiking trail, past gnarled old trees, right and left of the trail grows pristine scrub. So after the clearing rain, when it shines sun through the canopy, everything seems very lively, sparkling and clear.

    Wanderweg Seegang: durch das Ried zwischen Bodmann und Ludwigshafen
    Through the Ried between Bodmann and Ludwigshafen

    In Ludwigshafen, we notice two things: the public toilets are very clean, and the artist Lenk has immortalized himself here as well. Definitely worth seeing! So the art, not the toilets. Along the railway line it is not nice until shortly before sipplingen, Here you can climb the Seerücken and once again have wonderful views deep into Switzerland. The Alpstein with the Säntis is directly behind the lake, the rain has cleared the view.

    Wanderweg Seegang: Blick auf den Überlinger See
    View of the Überlinger See

    When looking back towards Bodmann Überlinger See looks like a fjord and we slowly realize what we have already made route to here. Well, quite the already hiked track accordingly slowly make Zipperlein noticeable. The balls of the foot hurt, the first ten minutes after a break are painful and certainly not elegant. The thighs are burning and the tendons are pulling.

    Wanderweg Seegang: kurz vor Überlingen
    Shortly before Überlingen
    Wanderweg Seegang: Trauben am Wegesrand
    Grapes along the way

    Pain and happiness

    For the last few kilometers, I unpack the sticks and push the ascents up. Suddenly, the magic sign: Überlingen 11km. Including one more: Überlingen 8km. We decide on the shorter flowering path, so leave the sea again. Through apple orchards, the path rises, through wild ravine and deep (very deep!) In the sandstone cut paths we reach already slightly limping and awkward Überlingen. No, first Goldbach, The name is here program. An old castle and a modern villa district for the equally modern money-nobility. Not really nice. I'm traveling with an architect, and I'm sorry, such a sight must hurt the connoisseur even more.

    Wanderweg Seegang: Ankunft am Strand in Überlingen
    Arrival at the beach in Überlingen

    Finally Ueberlingenjust before six o'clock. We lie down between the Sunday strollers in the sun, tired and happy. The clock shows 45 kilometers, and we used the estimated twelve hours for this pretty much. After the much needed strengthening with beer and pizza, we hang around in Überlingen and finally hobble to the ship, which brings us back to Konstanz.

    Wanderweg Seegang: auf dem Schiff zurück nach Konstanz
    On the ship back to Konstanz

    Conclusion to the way

    Most of the time the trail leads through paved roads and forest roads, some short sections could be referred to as hiking trails. The perfect test piece for long tours, or for more laid-back hikers who have many nice options to stop off and stay overnight.

    Through our conscious and unconscious intercessors, we have shortened the official way by a good five to eight kilometers, normal it would be 53 kilometers long.

    All information can be found on-line, also a detailed information folder with detachable card can be ordered here.

    Tip: The sea can also be walked as part of the Lake Constance circular route. More Information at


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