Six tips to make packing for a ski holiday easier

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    Six tips to make packing for a ski holiday easier

    (Advertising) winter time. Vacation time. Time for a trip to the mountains - over a long weekend or for a whole week. In the ski areas, the slopes are prepared, hotels and huts waiters eagerly await their guests and both locals and tourists hope for good weather with plenty of snow. What belongs to the ski holiday everything is in the following six tips.

    1. Ski equipment

    who down the mountain wants, needs the right equipment. You can rent them locally or bring them from home. In addition to the downhill and cross-country skis you need the corresponding poles, ski boots, a helmet and a backpack. In both cases, especially the ski boot should exactly match your own foot to avoid pressure points or pain when wearing. at You will find a wide selection of skis, bindings, shoes, ski poles and much more.

    2. Outerwear

    Winter jacket and ski pants should be windproof and water repellent, also warming. In the jacket ventilation openings, z. B. under the arms, advantage. In addition, thick sweaters or a fleece jacket, hat, scarf and gloves are important. Despite sunny weather, the body can cool down quickly without sufficient heat protection.

    3. Underwear

    Functional underwear consisting of breathable socks, underpants / briefs and shirts fits snugly on the body to create a close-up thermal pad. The sweat should be released from the inside of the fabric to the outside. Since you sweat not only during the relatively short downhill, but also often, while you go back up with the lift, a daily change of underwear is recommended.

    4. Sunscreen

    In the high mountains is adequate sun protection particularly important. The thinner air in the altitudes increases the UV radiation. Even in overcast skies, sunburn can occur without protection. In winter, the reflective white of the snow intensifies this effect. Most of the body is protected by clothing, helmet and gloves. Special need, however, has the face. Therefore, a sunscreen with high SPF, a lip protection with SPF and sunglasses are definitely included.

    5. First Aid Kit

    If you do sports, it can always come back to injuries. Therefore, should a small travel pharmacy be prepared, which in addition to the other drugs to be taken includes blister plasters, ointment and painkillers.

    6. Last but not least

    Since you do not just spend the holidays on the ski slopes, but also have a nice meal in the evening or have fun at an après-ski party, you should not miss the matching wardrobe in your luggage. Of course, other things such as hygiene and personal care items, personal documents, mobile phone including charger, the camera or granola bar also in the suitcase. Maps or a travel guide to the ski area can be a useful addition.

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