Snow sledge tour in the Alpstein on the Ebenalp

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    Snow sledge tour in the Alpstein on the Ebenalp

    In glorious sunshine, 15 ° C and severe Föhnböen we wonder why the trail parking lot in Wasserauen is so empty. The cable car has closed, the village is dead.

    We will meet the first people at the Forscherstein: a hikers on their way to Appenzell. The researcher himself rages climber out, otherwise it is quiet. On the Alp then two ski tourers on the way up. The first snow, which is not only lying around patchily, but a closed blanket of snow, also meets us up here, on the plateau of Alp Bommen. We strap the ones snowshoes and continue to trudge, the ski slope high, the tour enthusiasts behind. A leisurely pace on the ski slope makes it a pleasure, again and again, there are magnificent views in the direction of Lake Constance. Foehnwetter has simply its good.

    Later, we decide on the direct ascent, up the side of the ski slope. A steep, sweaty affair, mine TSL Rando snowshoes* brings to the edge of their abilities. The steep section is overcome with several breathers, now it's leisurely, but with increasingly strong gusts of wind, in the direction of the cable car Ebenalp, There on the bench we serve the well-deserved snack, rinse after a sip of tea and make us already back to the descent.

    By now it is 3:00 pm, we want to be down again before dawn. We choose the red piste over the Gartenalp. First, the black of the climb is too steep for us to descend, and secondly, we do not really know the corner back there. In the Alpstein there is always something new to discover! On the way downhill I'm happy about the ski slope - and I really want to have skis with me. For the most part I would even drive!

    It goes down quickly, and after exactly four hours and fifteen minutes we are back in Wasserauen at the station of the Appenzell Railway.




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