Snow gullies and water features at Hörnle

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    Snow gullies and water features at Hörnle

    The guys from Konstanz, my old home, moved here to Murnau for equipment testing and light mountain training. We enjoyed a long weekend in the surrounding mountains with reasonably good weather, lots of palaver and shop talk about equipment and, of course, planning for the upcoming tour Val Grande.

    Yesterday we are, partly cross-country - to the endorphins also some adrenaline - on the wank marches. There is still a lot of snow, which slowly melts to slush and we had promptly wet feet in our trail runners and approach shoes, membrane or not.

    For today's tour from Grafenaschau over the back Hörnle on the front Hörnle I therefore pulled the same Trailrunner without membrane, but forgot - of course - the change socks. The lay along with the sunscreen at home, which I became aware of only later.

    A car was parked at the parking lot Hörnle, with a second car we were driving to Grafenaschau. We straightened the rucksacks, drove out the sticks and went off. Through light forest, well marked, the path gently pulls upwards.

    From Murnau you can see three broad aisles pulling down the Hörnlemassiv. From below, one of these rutted aisles, the "Rift", looks huge. We stop for a short photo session (and to find the branch of the trail).

    Now the way, often at the demolition edge of the rift, steepens significantly, and we have snow contact for the first time today. We are still trying to get on a fairly dry foot. Footprints show the way, in serpentines we reach another glade. Sunbeams are around tree stumps, which we use for another break. From here you can see the first peak of the day, Hintere Hörnle. White is the landscape up there, a narrow path trace pulls up. Three figures at the summit, and something that looks like a paraglider who wants to start again and again.

    What follows now has given me some fun, one or the other companion just the opposite. Snow, knee deep. Soon the "dry foot" was forgotten, I broke through and stood ankle deep in ice-cold water. I do not know what was going on in my head, at least I thought "awesome, cool" and from then on I really enjoyed making my way. In the T-shirt, knee-deep in the snow, I continued to rummage. Childish, childlike laughing. At the summit, I was glad to have my warm and surprisingly windproof overcoat with me. An icy wind whistled around the summit cross, I took off my shoes and socks and made a torrent of water out of my socks. Shaking his head, the two snowshoe hikers made the descent. We will be there soon.

    With enough momentum, this mushy mush, which formed a slide, was outwitted. Sliding, running, laughing and tumbling, I flew down the slope and was annoyed a bit that I have no skis. Well, I would not be able to ski here anyway, that would be too steep for me. Probably I was down faster with this slide technique anyway. The two fellow immigrants struggled for the first time honestly to Contenance, but then lost them just like the balance.

    The Mittlerer Hörnle we omitted, only the front Hörnle, within sight of the hut, that still had to be - especially since it is "from behind" only a short climb. At the top then the peak photo of the Blue Man Group, fast (so running for my part through the now only shining snow) continued to the hut and calorie-conscious, what the kitchen was.

    Over the summer path, it was still smooth and slippery, would not have been bad. Uncomfortable, but slowly we reached the car wide grinning, a short time later I was in the bath and everything was fine.

    lightweight Being on a light mountain is a lot of fun.


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